Friend Says She Had A Miscarriage

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-curious - December 6

okay, i'm a senior in high school and 33 weeks pregnant. a friend of mine said that she was 6 weeks pregnant and had a miscarriage, she also said that she needed surgery to get the fetus removed. is that possible? i thought your body discharges it that early on, not to mention she said that she found out it "died" on a thurs. and her surgery to get it removed was on a fri., is this possible? or did she get an abortion and doesn't want to tell anyone, and if so how do i get her to talk to someone about it?


hi - December 6

Yes, it is called a d&c, it removes whatever didn't pa__s normally. I had a mc in July but I didn't need a D&C. I wouldn't a__sume that she had an abortion. Be sensitive......


LS - December 6

It is possible that she miscarried and needed a d&c. everyone is different and everyones bodies are different. dont be so quick to question her...even if she may have gotten an abortion she needs you to be there for her.


*X* - December 6

Doctors don't schedule abortions until at least the 8th week anyway, so it's unlikely that she had an abortion. Besides, even if she did get an abortion and doesn't want anyone to know about it, it's none of your business anyway.


jb - December 6

Its very possible that her body didnt miscarry everything and she had to go to the doctors office to have them remove everything. It is a pretty common procedure. I wouldnt jump to the conclusions that she had an abortion.


to *X* - December 6

where do you come up with this stuff? docs can schedule an abortion way before 8 weeks. A friend of mine had one when she was only 3-4 weeks along. before you go spouting info out your mouth you should research it!


*X* - December 6

There is no anger and nothing mean in what I said. If the friend wants to keep something to herself, then it is her business and hers alone. But at any rate, I don't think that's the case. She likely miscarried, like she said. I had an abortion at the age of 17, and the doctor told me that it is not possible to schedule abortions before the 8th week. I asked at a couple other clinics and was told the same thing. I was forced to wait. I knew several other people who also had abortions, and they said the same thing. I'm perfectly content to admit that things may have changed since then (that was years ago), but I've seen others on this forum say the same thing. Perhaps it was a long time ago for them, too. Anyway, disagreeing with people and discussing a subject is hardly "hateful." It's called debate. Perhaps you should try it sometime. You just might learn something.


Amanda - December 6

Sounds like she had a D&C. I also thought that people miscarried on their own, untill coming to these forums. Some people are unable to pa__s the baby themselves, or don't pa__s it all, so the opt for the surgery. It sounds very painful, not only physically, but emotionally as well. Your friend probably needs you right now.


Olivene - December 7

What your friend says is perfectly believable. Sometimes miscarriages don't pa__s out of the woman's body naturally or the woman may choose not to wait. I think you should tell her you are there for her if she wants to talk, but I doubt she would choose you to talk to because you are pregnant. If she doesn't talk to you, let her be. Respect her wishes.


Lila - December 7

I had a miscaarriage when the fetus was 9-10 weeks old, yet I didn't find out until I was 5 months into the pregnancy. NO tissue had pa__sed, I was not even spotting. I was sent the following week to get a D&C. .....So, Yes, this is possible!


why? - December 7

Why are people so judgemental and hateful on these boards...I really don't understand. Some people have legitimate concerns, questions, complaints. Why do people feel they have to jump on those people. Lila doesn't necessarily have to be "irresponsible" or a "liar", she could have been young, could have miscounted the months, could have had no insurance, could have been from another country...ask before jumping to conclusions and condeming people.


To Judgemental idiots - December 8

Did it ever occur to u that maybe she did not even know she was pregnant until 5months. they still would have seen that the baby was 9-10weeks when she found out considering it would have stopped growing. some people have very irregular periods, get their periods while pregnant, or dont show until very late in pregnancy so stop judging her when u have no idea what happened. you ppl are soo insensitive!


tamara - December 15

who cares what she said. if shes a friend youll listen instead of trying to investagate her story. besides if shes still in high school whatever happened was for the best she has the rest of her adult life to play mom



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