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E - January 26

I need to complain. It seems I have ballooned out overnight and have started to waddle (according to hubby). I am 31 weeks. I feel like c__p and cannot imagine 2 more months of this baby growing inside of me. The indigestion is horrible yet I can't stop stuffng my face with jalapeño filled burritos & popcorn every night. Someone please help me, lol, sort of :)


** - January 26

Try skim milk..I was told by lots of ppl to do that & personally I think it works, I drink it all the time now before bed cause it's the only way I will get any sleep....I was told Calcium helps take it away & anything is worth a try .. Good luck =)


Bigbelly#2 - January 26

I wonder if your baby has engaged.......moved in the head down birthing position. Puts a lot more pressure on your legs. I am currently 36 weeks along and having horrible indigestion as well- I feel your pain!! My doctor has told me that you can take antacid pills- you might want to check with your Dr. on which one he/she recommends......I have been taking the generic brand from Wal-Mart called "Equate- Acid Controller" and they really help. Sometimes just the Maalow Max tablets help too. Try not to eat too close to bed too- Dr. told me it gets worse if you lay down after eating- try to finish off your last of the food for the day about 2 hours or more before bed time.......and lots of water!! It's hard when you get anxious.....just know that one day, this too shall pa__s!! And what a little joy you will have for all you went thru!! Best of luck to you and happy labor day!!


Bigbelly#2 - January 26

Sorry- wish this site had an edit b___ton.......that would be Maalox Max.......not Maalow!!


KM - January 26

I think everyone feels like that at the end. Its the worst and you would do anything to have that baby OUT! it'll come eventually


E - January 26

Thanks ladies:) I have a gigantic bottle of tums next to my bed and I love eating them. The worst part is when I have no room for more food, yet I cannot stop shoveling it in. What is wrong with me??!! I get so full and all I do is lean farther back hoping to fit more food in. Lame!! About the engagement, my baby has been head-down for about 2 months. I am not sure if that is unusual. Again, thanks for the support. Sometimes we need to vent.


tiffani - January 26

E~ ****Step away from the burritos.**** Just wait, it gets even more miserable. Wait until that little guy finds you sciatic nerve and sits on it. Boy is that a treat. Hope you don't mind crawling as your primary source of transportation. Hang in there, it will all be over soon, and if you're crazy like me, you'll want to be pregnant again before you even leave the hospital. :o)


KM - January 27

yeah when the baby is on the nerve,the sharp pains you get in that area lol *ouch* haha E you are too cute with the food thing. my baby also dropped head down when I was like 7 mnths or so. But the little guy didnt ever turn his head around and thats why I got a section.



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