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E - April 11

Hello to all!! As some of you know, I have been unable to post for over 1 month (computer glitch). I just want to say thank you to everyone who wished me well after the birth of my first child. Baby Aja was born on March 21st, via c-section, and is beautiful, healthy, and pooping like there is no tomorrow. My placenta tore away from the uterine wall (placental abruption) early in labor, and a c-section was necessary. It was a long recovery and I am not sure why anyone would elect to have surgery. It was quite painful. Motherhood is trying, and sleep deprivation casts a cloud over each day. I am so thankful that my baby was born during the Spring season, when the weather is nice. I am off to feed now, but I look forward to getting back to the boards. Again, thank you!!!!! Your well wishes were heart-felt. For anyone interested, Aja's pics can be viewed at -


tara - April 11

I'm glad to hear baby Aja and mom are doing well. Oh, you must be loving opening your eyes each day knowing that you can hold your aborable baby in your arms now. All the best to you mommy! :o)


Missy - April 11

E - Aja is soooo handsome!! All that dark hair - he's going to be fighting the ladies off of him!! Congrats!!!! I will be having my little one in October (the 2nd is the current due date) so I will be forced to be huge during summer in Southern California....yay me. LOL - anyway, glad to hear you and your family are doing well - KIT with all of us, and keep those pictures updated!!!


Mary - April 11

Hello E.. you dont know me but I saw your posts quite often.. I would like to congratulate you and your hubby on a beautiful son.. he is so precious... I am glad everything ended up well for all of you.. best of luck for you and your new family :)


rose - April 11

congrats E!!!!!!


E - April 11

Thanks ladies!! It feels so great to be able to post again. In all of my craziness, during and post pregnancy, I have forgotten who is expecting and who is ttc on this board. Please forgive me if I ask you and you have already told me. I know Tiffani is 10 weeks... I have blanked everyone else. Sorry:( Rose, I think you are mid-pregnancy? Mary and Missy - are you both expecting? If so, how far along are you?


Missy - April 11

I am at 15 weeks now - yay!! Past the "danger zone" and finally getting past the morning sickness. I am due 10/2 - so I will be pregnant all summer in Southern California and they say this will be the hottest one in years - just my friggin luck. Oh well, I am just thankful for a healthy pregnancy!!! Congrats again....


E - April 11

Poor thing!! You will be indoors I imagine, sleeping next to the ac vent:) My hub is from Palm Desert so I know how hot it gets. I wish you a healthy and wonderful pregnancy. Enjoy your me time b/c, I never thought I would say this, but I sometimes wish I was still pregnant. Once the baby is out, there is no time for yourself. I am not trying to patronize you but motherhood has come as a shock to me. I thought newborns slept most of the time. Not mine...


Missy - April 11

E - thanks! I can just be grateful that I have A/C in the new house - in the old condo, all we had was a ceiling fan in the dining area. I think I will either be scaring the neighborhood children with my swollen belly while I am in the community pool or I will be scaring the rich people in South Orange County at the fancy schmancy beach down there. Either was, screw them I am keeping cool!! Let them try lugging around baby in 95 degree weather and not want to jump into the ocean in the least amount of clothing the law allows!!!!! I am worried about what motherhood does actually bring - that's why I want to spend this spring and summer really spending time with my fiance (yea, by the way he finally proposed, and with a custom diamond and platinum ring I might add!!!) and enjoying our alone time. We are both really excited about the baby and find out the s_x on May 4. Glad to hear you guys are doing well though - we missed you here on the boards!!


Kim E - April 11

Congratulations E! Aja is just so handsome and your husband looks so proud! What a beautiful family! I'm currently 11 weeks pregnant with my first and I'm due on Halloween! I feel Missy's pain since I also live in Southern CA where it can get pretty hot in the summer. I am in Temecula, between Palm Desert and San Diego and it's about 105 here in the summer. I also work in sales throughout Southern CA, wearing a suit, and carrying a big bag around all day so I imagine I will be doing anything and everything to keep cool since we don't see cooler weather out here until sometime in November. Fortunately, we opted for the house with the pool and I think that that's where you'll find me most nights after work. So glad to have you back and for what it's worth, I hear that the first couple of months are the worst and that each month gets a little better. By the time I am in your shoes, you'll be a pro at this!


Dez - April 11

E I am so happy for you, and now I see your dream about Aja looking like Ana, lol they do resemble eachother from her first newborn pic lots of hair. I dont think there is any easy way to have a baby or recover from it. I am glad he is healthy be sure to email when you have those "should i call the dr. moments" oh and those "Im gonna pull out my hair moments" lol [email protected] in case you didnt get it before and so you can check out that first pic again and look at Aja, lol


Dez - April 11

Oh E i forgot to say he looks just like his dad. And where are your post pregnancy pics and hospital pics, lol


~m~ - April 12

E, so glad to see you back on! I can't stop looking at your handsome man. Hey Dez! Haven't talked to you in a while. And I sooooo see what you mean! Their baby pics do resemble!


rose - April 12

i am ttc...this is my first month on clomid and i should find out if it worked in a a couple of days!BTW your baby is adorable!!!


tiffani - April 12

E~ It will get better, I promise. It is such a life changing event having your first baby, and no matter how prepared you think you are for the challenge, you really have no idea what life with a newborn is like until you experience it first hand. You can no longer just grab your purse and head to the mall or out to dinner. There is so much more planning and packing involved now. The first three "getting to know you" months are definitely the hardest, but as you guys get to know each other, it will get a whole lot easier. Hang in there girlfriend and let me know if I can help. XOXOXO :o)


M - April 12

Welcome back E! Your baby is so cute. You have a beautiful family!


Samantha B - April 12

I adore the name you chose!



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