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K - October 18

thanks to everyone who showed concern and dealth with my thread with grace. I never thought it would turn into a religious thing. I will not check that thread again. I did some digging and found nothing. JBear mentioned something about outlook and could you explain that again?? I am not pregnant - I just had a baby for those who were wondering....


To the last post - October 18

To K is just saying that she should not spy, maybe come right out and ask. And a lot of us wouldn't go crazy like that just because dh is too scared or embara__sed to admit he watched a little internet p___n.


Mary from New York - October 18

I think questions like this are ruining the "pregnancy" forum. Spying and s_x and mistrust has nothing to do with pregnancy and giving birth. Maybe K should just consult a marriage counceller and keep these type of problems where they belong. This isn't a s_xual dysfunction or marriage trouble site.


not again - October 18

Ok can we not start this whole thread over again? The last one was bad enough and most likely half of the posts got reported as poor taste. (as they should have been) If you don't have the answer she is looking for then do us all a favor and move on to another thread. She will do what she thinks is right and no one can tell her otherwise. I hope this one doesn't get out of control like the other. K, I wish you luck with all you do, no matter what it is you decide to do.


K - October 18

Mary, I'm really sorry to bother you. You didn't have to read my post you know. For those who care, I have asked hubby and he vehemently denies it.


this is: to the last post - October 18

Im just getting so tired of everyone putting each other down! SHe was rude in her post to K and thats getting old. I have asked personal questions on this site and have gotten nice answers so to MARY from new york this is a site for pregnant women so should that mean no one can or should ask non pregnant questions??? we are all grown mature adults and yet alot of women on here dont act like that at all. this isnt high school after all.


rl - October 18

i kinda tend to agree that this really does not have anything with pregnancy at all not trying to be mean but this is not the right forum for women who think their hubbies are cheating I mean think about it we are all pregnant and a little nuts cause of that (ha ha lol) we don't need thoughts of our men cheating running thru our heads!! well sorry if that offends anyone not meaning to


to rl - October 18

you are ent_tled to your opinion and atleast you said it with respect, none of the name calling. im just so frustrated with the mean women on here that cant keep thier mouths shut! all the name calling and mean things being said, its OLD. ya know. ppl on here cant even ask for name advise without someone callin them names. this whole entire forum has gotten out of control


Ashley - October 18

Okay, let's let K be. I will readily admit I was involved with that last thread, but I have not read it today and will not read it again. Let's move on; let K do her thing. We all fought it out, now let her make the decision. Let's not turn this into another argument. I agree with the person above who said we are ruining this forum with questions not even about pregnancy. I did say WE, too. Let's keep the talk about babies and pregnancy and ditch the rest.


Mary from New York - October 18

Amen, rl. That's exactly why I'm trying to stop it. I think I will try to contact the corporate office about this. You see a t_tle like computer question, thinking they are looking for a baby website or something, and it's some woman bringing up cheating. That is upsetting and using this site for non-pregnancy issues. Do you think someone who just miscarried or is worried about bleeding need to be tricked by posts about cheating and p___nography??


Amy - October 18

I agree with Mary. I am not saying that it's wrong for K to post here, I am just saying that people can't deal with it in a mature way. The other thread got turned into people just being unbelievably rude. I did have a m/c and am pregnant again and reading that other post with some woman saying that our DHs would cheat on us if they didn't look at p___n, really upset me!!! And I don't need that! I used the "contact us" link at the bottom to report the last thread. I hope they look into it. Again, I don't really think the problem is K so much as it is the people who can't reply with dignity and respect for others. God bless!


whatever already - October 18

Mary, I didn't trick anyone. Wow you're a stickler huh? The post had the word Porn in it, so I wasn't confusing anyone with the content. I agree this isn't related to preg. but I thought I could come her for support which I got thru my whole pregnancy. You shouldn't read a post if it doesn't interest you. Obviously, something interested you about both of my posts or you wouldn't have opened them.


yeah - October 18

there is no way that a question with the word p___n in the t_tle could have been mistaken for a question about children sites.


Mary - October 18

the t_tle is From K (about computer question) where does it say p___n?


.... - October 18

to the last 2 posts. she is refering to her last question which did have p___n in the subject line.


its true - October 18

the other post just said "Anyone very good with computers? weird question about hubby" I must say, I REALLY wish I wouldn't have read or responded. No offense K but it just all got way too much out of control. I just don't want to see that happen again. So, I say if you don't have the answers she is looking for (JBear and outlook), let's quit posting and move on! Let's focus on the little miracles growing inside of us!


... - October 18

That's NOT what people see when they click on General Questions and try to help!!!!!! Of course, you open and start to read. I'm disgusted in this person!!



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