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KM - March 4

Hey, check out these posts on the teen pregnancy forum . "WANT A BABY SOO BADD!!" and "fudge it, I'm having a baby" I would love to send this girl that I am arguing with to mommy boot camp. I think i have a personal issue/pet peeve with young girls like this who think its fun and a desireable life to be that young with a kid and have to struggle to get through school and what not so you can make it independently.I wish they could meet my friends who are single moms going nowhere, who THOUGHT they their baby had a reliable father. I wish they could live A DAY of my life (and Im even one of the lucky ones who's bf stuck around)They have no idea, whatsoever. I wish I could slap some sense into them.When I was that age all I wanted to do was party, have fun, go to school, and I KNOW that because i became a mom I have missed out on a lot of things. I mean god, I had to go to my prom 4 mnths pregnant, I couldn't enjoy a drink with my friends, I couldn't go to any grad parties, h__l, I didn't even finish school on time.


To KM - March 5

You should tell you story on a forum on here. First of all I commend you. I waited to I was 29 and even then couldn't BELIEVE the work involved!!! I think too many kids think it's a fantasy and someone to love them. They have NO clue. I am really surprised at the 16-20 year olds I read about on here. Holy cow. My youngest friend that gave birth was 27! We had a blast in college then lived a d__n good single life first before marriage and baby. Best of luck to you. Thanks for your honesty!


E - March 5

Hey KM - I checked out those posts and added my 2 cents. Good for you for devoting your energy into trying to disuade the young girls from becoming mothers so early. I just do not have the energy or patience to do it anymore. I wanted to support you with those two posts, so I did.


Liz - March 5

I am 37 and have a hard time w/ one 1st grader-ha ha ha! I think you are a brave woman. I agree with you and your honest approach. I bet you are a great mom. It sure as heck takes a lot of patience. I did all my wild living early on and have no regrets. I don't think those girls have any idea what it all involves. What's the hurry????? Kick back and enjoy your youth!


KM - March 5

Actually, Aaron's daycare is a youth/parent daycare. and they do alot of things to help out teen parents and what not. I actually go speak at middle schools about what its like being a teenage mother. It's kind of part of a s_x. ed program. to show the realities of having unprotected s_x, and having a kid, and just to help teens think twice.


E - March 6

All of the slang makes the teen forum unbearable for me. Most of the time, I feel like I am talking to mongloids. Whatever those are, lol!! Using the word "Da" instead of "The". WHY??


Michaela - March 6

That is so stupid.At, 16 why is she thinking about a baby?Hey KM you have a very good point in the "fudge it, I'm having a baby".I'm 22 and this is my first pregnancy and it is hard altho I have a job and my parents there to support.She'll see!



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