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m - February 1

Hey to all my pals! I am finally able to post! I have been so p___sed off for a week because my computer at work wouldn't let me post, and my computer at home is too slow to mess with! Anyhoo, I'm off to find the posts I wanted to reply to. I just wanted to say h__lo! Dez, I can't wait to find your thread with the address to that video. I tried and tried to reply, but couldn't. So I'll find your thread again! See you girls around! ------ By the way, I have come to the conclusion that since there are other m's floating around here, I'll change mine up a little. My real name is Mich__le, so I was thinking maybe mich..... silly, I know, but there's already a ch__le on here, and there's more than one person on here with my initials. I don't want to abandon my "m" altogether...... so do you guys have any suggestions? :o)


tiffani - February 1

Welcome back m! I know your frustration with not being able to post, I had the same thing happen with my computer about 2 1/2 weeks ago. Didn't realize how much I enjoyed this site until I wasn't able to use it. Why not just put the m in ""? "m". Believe me, those of us who know you, know when it's you or another m posting. Your grammar is excellent and your personality is stable, which is evident when you post. How about m :o) or ~m~ or ***m***


Dez - February 1

w/b m, I hated it when I couldnt post at times. Now I barley have a chance, lol. how bout mmm


~m~ - February 1

Just trying out my new ident_ty! LOL --- the artist formerly known as m.


tiffani - February 1

I like the new ident_ty & "the artist formerly known as" had me rolling! I'm kind of hoping another tiffani appears so I can add the ~ , it looks cute! Okay, now i'm officially lame.


~m~ - February 1

Yeah, I like the little ~, too! Who says there has to be another tiffani? Just put it in there anyway! Be a rebel!! LOL :o)


E - February 2

Hi ~m~ !!!! Great to have you back. I have been away for a while also. LOL. We were probably both in jail, just released & are too proud to admit the truth :) Mamasita means "little mama". Sort of a term of endearment, depending on who is saying it and the context it is being used in. If it is a group of thugs on the streets of Tijuana screaming: "HEYYYYY MAMASITA, COME TO DADDY & GIVE ME SOME SUGAR!" - then it is not very nice. I am fat as hell, in the belly, cannot see my private part anymore, roll out of bed to pee every hour, and still stuff spicy burritos in my face every night. I will be happy when this ends. Keep us updated on the ttc, if you ever feel like you need ears. XOXO


E - February 2

Oooohhhh! I just thought of who you can be! M&M. I am craving some at this early hour and there will never be another M&M, do you think?


~tiffani~ - February 2

~m~ Here's to my rebellion. Lol. :o)


Dez - February 2

hey e thats funny I thought of m&m too but didnt want to post it, dunno why. Mamasita is not a bad thing its like saying little s_xy moma in a cute way. how bout calling in papi, said like poppy, you know like iiiiiiii-papi, lol. or mi amor-my love, corazon-it means heart technically, but if you say mi (oh mi is said like me) corazon its like saying my love also. I know enough spanish to get me by, but the funny thing is when I am drunk I am fluent, lol I can speak it and understand it like a mofo. let me know what you think and i will try to think of some more


KM - February 2

lol the new and improved ~m~!!! welcome back :) mamasita is cute! lol I wish I knew spanish.



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