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m - January 17

Well, last week, I had it in my head that my period was going to be due today or tomorrow..... well, I looked back at my calendar, and I was wrong. I have been writing everything down in my calendar, and actually, my period should have been due this past Saturday (2 days ago!!). The last 3 cycles, my surge days have been Sun, Mon, and Tues. Oct and Nov, AF came on a Saturday. Therefore, I guess my system does not wait a full 14 days after ovulation to start my period. Sooooo..... I am now officially 2 days late!! I did test this morning, and BFN. But, with 2 of my pregnancies, I didn't get a BFP until over a week past expected period. Still hoping!!!!!! I'm going to wait 2 days before I test again. Maybe Wednesday will be my day!! Still having all of the symptoms. The 2 that have increased are the bloating and the hormones! I am so bloated right now!! I wish I could post a picture of me 3 weeks ago, and one of me today! My hubby said last night, "You have never been this bloated!" And all weekend, I have went from yelling to crying at the drop of a hat! Oh yeah, and the cramping has picked up a little. It's feeling like more of a stretching, too. Anyhoo, I'll keep you guys posted! :o) Thanks for listening!


E - January 17

OMG!!! I am so hopeful for you, m:) I have to go to work in a minute and I am sorry I have not written. I got the flu on Thursday night and am still trying to recover. It knocked me on my a__s worse than I ever imagined. I had a flu shot 2 months ago and thought I would be in the clear but it was absolutely the "flu". The worst part is that I had a different upper respiratory virus immediately prior to Thursday which caused severe coughing. It got to the point that I was bleeding (v____ally) from the pressure of the coughs and had to spend a few useless hours in the hospital (Wednesday) for some useless tests. Anyhow, you must be so anxious by this point. I also have tested positive well after a period was due. CAN'T WAIT TILL YOU ARE PREGO!!!


m - January 17

Thanks E! And I hope you are feeling better. Being sick sucks so hard, especially while you're pregnant! Take care!


KM - January 17

YAY m!! such good news! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.If you feel preggo I think there is a good chance you are. Women who keep good attention to their bodies for some reason just "know" when they are! E I hope you feel better soon that sounds really rough


testing - January 17



tiffani - January 17

I just want you to know that I have been unable to post on here for a week, but all of a sudden, I gave it my usual daily test tonight (see my "testing" post) and discovered that I can once again post. Thank goodness, it's so frustrating when you can read all these questions and comments but can't respond. I have been keeping up on your pregnancy hopes and think your signs are very encouraging. I am truly hoping you get your BFP soon.


IANSMOMMY - January 18

i am keeping my fingers crossed for you. what kind of test are you taking? maybe it isnt sensitive enough


E - January 18

Tiff - I have the same problem with my computer off and on. It is frustrating to not be able to reply. M - you are on my mind tonight!!!! Any news at this point?


tiffani - January 18

E, My computer just all of a sudden stopped letting me post last week. It was sooooo frustrating. I went to my moms house yesterday afternoon just so I could post to "m" about her pregnancy hopes, and I wasn't able to there either. I can't believe how addicting this site can be. I don't even know you guys yet I really do care about what's going on with you. m~ any news???


Dez - January 19

good luck m, I will be praying for you, sounds to me like you may be posting your preggo. Well my status is I finally started my period on saturday so wheeewww. I got a job and I start on Friday Cost Cutters only part time for now, my baby is extremely high maintinance, lol.


m - January 19

Well, girls.... bad news. I had those same cramps as I had with the 2 miscarriages, then Monday night, out came a flood of blood. Yesterday morning, I woke up and was doubled over in pain. It was that way all day and I bled quite a bit. I went to the doc, and any trace of hcg that may have been in there was gone. I guess I can't know for certain that I was actually pregnant, but I do know my body, and I know the difference in pregnancy and pms, and I'd bet every penny I have that I was pregnant. So, at this point, I am soooooo disappointed. And worried. I'm going to ask my doc to run some tests on my tubes, uterus, etc. and make sure I don't have any cysts or anything. If I'm right, and this is an early miscarriage, that would make 3 in a row. That just doesn't seem right. I can't express how much I appreciate all of the support you guys give me! It's so nice to be able to talk to such nice people. So, for now, I guess it's bad news. But maybe when I'm able to get some tests ran, I can find out what is wrong with me. I'm feeling a little depressed about it all. But I suppose life goes on. Not that I hope I have a cyst or something, but if I find out I do, at least I'll know why this is happening. I'll keep you guys updated if I find something out. Thanks again! You guys are great!


m - January 19

PS - Congrats on the job Dez! And on AF! :o)


tiffani - January 19

m~ I am soooo sorry. I think getting a good check up with your OB could help with some answers. A girlfriend of mine had fibroids (which explained her miscarriage) and had them removed. She had a baby girl last September. I'll keep the faith with you. xxxxxxx


E - January 19

Oh m, I am so sorry... Sounds like a chemical preg again. I wish I had some words of wisdom for you, but I do not. I know how frustrating ttc/mc's are and there is nothing anyone can say to make the situation lighter for you. I will say I am confident that "it" will happen, and soon. We are all rooting for you!!!!


m - January 19

Thanks tiff and E! Even though I am feeling depressed today, it helps to know I have people in my corner! And hey, now I can go home and have me a beer..... or 6! :o) E, I know you're laughing! Really, though, I'm trying to look for any bright spot I can find. It's hard, but at least at the end of the day, I still have my 2 adorable little boys and my wonderful hubby! Thanks again gals!! It's almost quittin' time! See ya tomorrow.


IANSMOMMY - January 20

m I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and if you need to talk i will be here for you.


m - January 20

Thank you so much iansmommy! I am better today. I've decided to do some "me" things now. I'm going to lose those few pounds I've been needing to lose, I bought some tanning sessions, and I'm just going to think about other things for the time being. Then maybe when ovulation rolls around in a couple of weeks, I'll be in a better place emotionally, and maybe we'll try again. Thanks again. It means so much to have the support and kindness of all of you!



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