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E (Aja's mommy) - August 22

So sorry for having wasted space arguing. I agree, this is a pregnancy forum and should be used to discuss pregnancy and babies. This is my plan, I will no longer use the letter "E" in ANY future posts. I will continue to post but will not identify myself in any way. The beauty of this is that those of you who hate me so much will find yourselves recieving and giving advice to/from me, and enjoying conversations with me, all the while unbeknownst to you. Ultimately, I get the final say now, don't I? As for any future posts using the letter "E", they are not from me so ignore them. Tiffani, I will email you my new name(s) so you know who I am. In the end, I do not find the fighting so interesting. What will LMAO do, now that I beat her at her game, once and for all?


chelsey - August 22

Make sure you say "hi" to me once in a while, even if I dont know its you! Sorry that you have to do this! That sucks....


BBK ® - August 22

E this doesn't have anything to do with P. Diddy dropping the P and changing his name to just Diddy would it? I hope I recongize you


chelsey - August 22

did you register your name BBK? how? thats a great idea!


Shelly - August 22

Hi again Chelsey,looks lik i've been "stalking" you today huh?E and BBK its nice to be back again and i was just asking chelsey earlier today if you(BBK) was still out here even with this immature "war" going on.E its sad that it has come this far,i was gone for a little over a week and i just can't believe the changes on this forum.Are people not wanting to have advice anymore.I always loved venting over here but this is not normal anymore.I'm sure the ones that know you will be able to recognize you if you do decide not to post under E anymore.BBk ,since you're here how is Anna doing?Soon this week i will post some pictures of my little man.I'm soo in love with him.I will talk to you guys later.


HA!HA! - August 22

I guess E shut the crazy "stalker" up finally. Thank you E! I mean former E. I will miss knowing if its you but I can see why you are doing this. I dont blame you. You are saving us all from that LMAO or whoever she is persons posts what will she do for fun now?


grow up - August 22

Finally you are growing up once and for all....


Wibble - August 22

I've been doing this for ages! :) You've all spoken to me, but none of you know it! Lol! It's the only way!


Mary - August 22

The contributor formaly known as E, :) Remember to say hi to me every now and then as well. I will keep you posted on how the end of my pregnancy goes and when Jaime shows up for good. Check my blog ever now and then for news. *kiss*


ok - August 22

ok or you could just not answer them like a big girl don't you have kids you should be taking care of


Ideal Alert - August 22

How about if we try to get the stalkers banned


to hello e - August 22

I doubt she'll wonder if its you or not. nobody cares about you, like you care about yourself! okay? buh-bye!


you know - August 22

you all act like little kids GROW UP


this works... - August 22

Trying to ban the stalker(s) is pointless. I found, however, that if you begin using their name and posting right after they do, like a retard, that they get mad and leave.


To E haters - August 22

Have you ever heard of "If you don't have anything good to say." "Don't say anything at all"...If you don't like the thread move around. Simple as that. You truly need to grow up and leave E alone.


Master of Puppets - August 22

I am being needed here? Are there any mean people I need to troll for a bit? "This works..." got the idea, it is better to troll these people than to answer them. Also, it is a lot more fun. I am here to stay and to invalidated mean people - call me Super MP :).


To E - August 22

Thanks for being who you are . It was nice to get to know you and others on this site. Take care of yourself,dh and especially Aja the cute little gapper who makes your day not this site. Lisa*9



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