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tiffani :o) - November 14

Hello ladies! I've stumbled upon a moment of silence in my house, so I figured i'd take the time to say hi to all my long lost friends. I miss you all and I especially miss being a "regular" on this site. As you may already know, I gave birth to my 3rd child, via repeat c-section on Nov. 1st. Dylan Tyler weighed in at 8.2lbs and 19 1/4 inches. He is an absolute doll. This was by far my easiest pregnancy and recovery, and i'm hoping he is also my easiest child, in which case life would be heaven. Dylan's siblings, Hailee (3 1/2) and Nicholas (22 months) have adjusted quite well to thier little brother, much to my relief. We are getting more and more settled into a routine with each passing day & once things get under control, I look forward to spending more time on here. Can't wait to talk with you all soon. Hope all of you are doing well. XOXOXO :o)


YC - November 14

Hi tiffani, just wanted to say congrats. It's so funny, I remember talking to you months ago about your countdown and told me that soon enough I would be having a countdown of my own. Well, I have 33 days until my little one gets here. I am a first timer so I hope this next 33 days doesnt take to long. I am so anxious! Congrats again! Keep the posts comin'.


Steph - November 14

Congrats to you!! I'm glad that all is going well in your house and the olders are taking to having a new brother!! Glad all went well and that you are having a quick recovery!


MRS.R - November 14

Tiffani CONGRATS!!! I am so glad that everything is going well with you! Hopefully this will be a good month for me..WINK WINK I will let you know. Wow you have three kids under the age of five.. God bless you :). Hope everything continues to go smoothly for you.. Keep in touch. I would love to see a picture of the kids. Take care.


chelsey - November 14

Oh good Tiffani! Glad to hear everything is going great! Also glad to hear recovery is easier for you this time around! The picture you sent of Dylan is absolutely adorable! He looks very awake and content! He was a great size, wasn't he?!!! Glad you found a moment to let us know how you are doing! Hopefully you can continue to find time for yourself! xoxoxoxoxo Talk to you soon!


Lisa*9 - November 14

Hey congradulation on the new arrival. Good to hear things are going well so far. Glad to hear you are alive and well,try to get lots of rest,haha good luck on that one.


Shelly - November 14

Congratulations Tiffani,happy to hear all went well!!! Hope to see you at the infant care forum as well!!!!



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