Frustrated Trying To Conceive

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Lyn - February 1

I stopped taking my birth control pills in November and I am still having NO luck getting pregnant. I used to have 28 day cycles, now they are around 33 days long. I used some of those urine strips to help you tell when you are fertile, and I never got a clear answer for a day. My husband and I had s_x every day for the 2 weeks around fertilization and still nothing. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone is in the same boat or if anyone can offer some advice. Thanks!


Rachel - February 1

My doctor told me not to do those ovulation tests, instead just "have fun trying". I think so many women stress out about conceiving and it makes it entirely more difficult than if they just relaxed and let nature take it's course. Just make sure to have s_x every other day during your optimal week and don't concentrate on all of the other stuff. Before you know it you will be PG. If you do not conceive for 6 mos, you might want to talk to your doctor. If your cycle is more than 35 days, you might want to talk to your doctor. They can prescribe something to regulate your cycles. Good luck, and relax ;)


Lyn - February 2

Thanks, Rachel. I guess I just need to relax more and not stress as much!


Lea - February 3

Hi Lyn I got off the pill in August. We have been trying since then with no luck. Its very frustrating and we are at the point where we are trying everything. I am doing the strips and the "maybe mom" microscope. No straight answer yet. The strips show not fertile, the microscope fertile. Don't know whats going on. So basically what I'm trying to say is hang in there, I've been hanging on for 5 months already. :)


to lyn - February 3

your not the only one im going nuts to


Alissa - February 5

My Husband and I have been trying to get pregnante for 1and 1/2 yrs know and still nothing , when ever we go to the dr. about it they wont help us out I have gon through several hormone test and they all say I am fine and then they dont tell me what to do, my husband is gine also he alreddy got tested what shold I do?


k - February 11

Relax a bit! I was only trying for 4 months but I know it can seem like forever. I'm sure it was the fact that we weren't trying too hard that helped. Good luck and enjoy the trying!!!


Lyn - February 11

Well, I was 14 days late this month and thought I could be pregnant, but my period came today. I'm between 1-2 weeks late every month and I don't know them I'm ovulating. Help!


shan - February 13

I have been off the pill since july, it can be soooo consuming and frustrating. I find myself always checking out info and symtoms hoping that i am pregnant every month. good luck to everyone, i guess we all feel the same, huh?


Maleficent - February 13

it's too early to get worried. i know how frustrating TTC is. we tried for nearly a year to get pregnant with our second. i'd recoment the book "taking charge of your fertility". i got that book, did some tracking, and bingo! was pregnant within 3 months.


kat - February 13

ive been ttc since november aswell,im trying to relax over the whole thing now,its so hard though when you want something so bad..........good luck,we just gotta keep trying! :o)



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