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Shannon - March 22

Ladies, Do you have a funny, wacky or most absurd response you have read in this site ... lets keep it clean and in good fun! I just found one and have to share it with all: Overweight women can tell they are pregnant if they notice their cellulite has lessened ... :) :) I would be pregnant all my life if that would help with it. :)


Gina - March 22

Someone once said something like If heartburn is a sign of baby's hair growing, then I am having a Chewbacca! It was so funny.


SugarPie - March 22

You know, Shannon, I don't have an issue with you, but I will say that you wrote is not what I said. I was asking the woman if she's noticed changes physically concerning her weight IN ADDITION to other pregnancy symptoms. If you're going to repeat it. Repeat my thoughts correctly. WTF?


amanda.d - March 22

As per usual someone on this sight cannot have a little fun without getting chewed, sheesh lighten up.Perhaps a quote was not one that you had placed but one like it with different words.If not who cares its cute and sometimes funny.


SugarPie - March 22

Amanda, you're right. Perhaps if I hadn't gotten "chewed out" in another thread, I would be so sensitive. I'm just annoyed and disgusted, but that's on me. That said, if it weren't coming from a negative place, I'd find it a bit funny too. Much love***


amanda.d - March 22

Maybe there are some folks who think things are funny and cute and others are too serious.Just choose to be able to laugh it off, i would.


amanda.d - March 22

P.s.I didn't mean to step on toes, its just all the negativity is bad for our children, Lets all choose to laugh and maybe quoting someones discussion on here isn't a good idea lets just leave that alone so no one gets hurt or upset.Now if something you thought or said is funny/cute, lets share that instead.


brucen - March 22

Some of us are really wound up while preggars, we let things that ordinarily wouldn't get to us REALLY get to us. Who can blame us: swollen feet, hip pain, constipation, snoring, uncontrollable farting, crying, burping, exhaustion from searching 2 hours for a foul oder only to discover it's the celing fan blades. Or whatever. Sometimes these things translate into just plain old evilness for feeling so c___ppy. BTW I think this site has improved 100% compared to cattiness of times past, I certainly was no stranger to it! I think they even pulled poor Grandpa Viv into it! Good Luck ladies and do try your best to lighten up-- it will be good for you AND the baby.


Shannon - March 22

BTW, I found the comment funny and gave me the idea for a funny thread. I never mentioned who wrote for respect, but I guess I should not have respected you.


SugarPie - March 22

Okay, Shannon. I've already apologized and wrote that I thought you were making fun of me. Dude, I'm over it. I've apologized over five times for misunderstanding. There's nothing else for me to say. Again, I'm sorry and if you read my thread, then you'd "understand" that I'm sorry. Either way, this is squashed imo. Much love***


.... - March 22

I just finished reading a funny thread... with the t_tle being "Not a question...just annoyed with other people comments!"... oh wait! Wasn't that you who wrote that Shannon? I think you have a very strange perception of whats annoying, funny, and wacky! But that's just my opinion.


to shannon - March 23

this is a pregnancy forum,not one for taking the p*** out of other peoples threads,so you need to give a bit more respect to everyone.


Shannon - March 23

I did not write the other tread Ms. ... there are more people in this world with the same name. At least we write our names down instead of hidding them. :)


Michelle - March 23

What's everybody mad about?


To Michelle - March 23

Some nobody got hormonal and got p__sed off at a couple of gals and later on created a tread for who knows what - oh, yes to get p__sed again at the same girls and then ask for her 3 or 4 pals to tell her know nice she is. The whole thing made me gag! What am I p__sed about - this place is to support each other and some girls who think they are favs here always pick fights, and interrupt perfectly great threads. I usually just read and do not write alot because they have in the past chewed my head off, too - they think they are the yardstick at this place. You asked Michelle, I responded. Now watch them respond to me using foul language, typical of them. :)


Tee - March 23

What is the name of the thread? I'd like to take a look-see. I agree with "....", I wondered why "Shannon" was posting about things being funny, practically in the same breath as she was talking about being "annoyed". Yes, Shannon, I see your reply to that, and I don't for ONE second believe you aren't that one. You just didn't expect anyone to make the connection, so now you're trying to cover your tracks. Whether you are the same person or not, it sounds to me like you are taking a shot at SugarPie or whoever else you are referring to. Doesn't matter that you didn't mention a name, you knew she/they would probably see this and it would start something all over again.


here we go again - March 23

my god shannon, why they hell would you wanna quote others and laugh at them when there is a huge chance the person you are making fun of will see it???????????????? grow up! if you wanna make fun of someone, make fun of yourself. you wanna know the most absurd thing i've ever seen on here..... it's this thread!



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