Fussy Eater

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sye - January 10

i don't know where else to stick this but i have a 4 year old who has got to be the fussiest eater in the world...my husband cooks her breakfast and then she sits there and not eats and ends up throwing out the food...she does that for breakfast and dinner...i don't give her snacks figuring she'll be hungry by dinner time to eat but i was wrong and doesn't eat one thing on her plate so, she goes to bed hungry...this has been going on for a long time and i could really used some advice....i don't know what to feed her if she won't eat steak, pork, chicken and definately not fish..she don't eat potatoes or mixed vegetables....she once asked for a peanut butter sandwhich and i gave in and then she sat and played with it and still went to bed hungry....i'm getting very frustrated here..can anyone help me out please? my family and my husband's family and our pediatrician think we're starving her...


missy - January 10

I have a 3 year old son and he is also a picky eater. He does not like meat, except for chicken nuggets, so we give him that alot. Asked his dr. about it and he said that as long as the snacks they eat are healthy, fruits, cheese, ect. not to worry b/c at this age they tend to be picky. What foods does she like? go onto the infant care forum maybe some of those ladies can help as well. Start giving her snacks and make sure they are healthy ones so she gets the nutrients she needs!!! Or you could do what my babysitter does--she puts the meat in a blender for my guy and hides it under potatoes or whatever and he doesnt have a clue!!!!!


sye - January 10

she won't even chicken nuggets...she likes noodles which are very high in sodium....i tired giving her snacks but she needs to eat meat or whatever i cook her...


ChaycesMom - January 10

Sye, I totally understand. I have a 2 yr old that refuses to eat most things. He likes french fries and pasta. Both very high in carbs. He doesnt really eat any snacks, other than he'll walk around with a whole apple, never actually finishes it though. We tried cutting down on the milk intake that he has during the day, advise of dr, but even that didnt make him eat. I have been told by others that at this age if they like something just give it to them even if its pizza, they hopefully will grow out of it.


sye - January 11

i hope my daughter grows out of this soon because this is getting very old to me...she's 4 and she's been doing this for 3 years.


kimmerbean - January 11

I am a full time nanny and the 4 year old girl that I watch is the same way. She has been completely refusing to eat lately. Ive started doing a sort of reward system with her, where I let her pick a treat ( cookie, piece of candy...Whatever) before lunch, and dinner. We set it in the middle of the table so she can see it, but she only gets to have it if she eats all of her meal. .( ex. one piece of sanwich , 2 pieces of apple, and milk). Make sure she clearly understands before the meal, that she only gets the treat if she eats ALL her meal. She still wont eat much for her meals, but I figure some is better than none! Having the treat visible to her helped make it more attainable in her mind. It doesnt always work, but more often than not she will do what it takes for that cookie! Good luck ...


Been There - January 11

Does she like milk or cereal? My daughter once only ate that for a while. As for noodles, if you are talking about the instant Oodles of Noodles, try pasta that looks like the noodles with just a little b___ter and seasoning or some other way to season it. I hope you find a way to convince her eat soon. What does she eat for lunch?



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