Future Pregnancy

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Anonymous - November 23

My girlfriend was 3 week pregnant two years ago. We have to split due to unwanted circ_mstances. My girlfriend is worried that when she is pregnant again in her future, her doctor will know about her been pregnant in past. We are little worried about it. Is it possible that her future pregnancy will reveal her past to her doctor. Please reply. I appreciate for your service.


S - November 23

Doctors are supposed to be people you feel comfortable talking to about anything. Why does she care about he doctor knowing? Its good to tell the doctor everything about what has gone on with her body, its not good to hide things like a previous pregnancy. As for if they can tell... I would a__sume so.


Steph - November 23

Did she have an abortion or did she have the child? Either way, it is best medically if her doctor knows everything. There's no reason to hide or lie about a pregnancy regardless of what the outcome of it was. S is right, she needs to feel comfortable talking with her doctor, and he needs to know if she has had an abortion, miscarriage, or child for his/her information and possibly her own health.


Huh! - November 23

I haven't a clue what he's asking


*X* - November 23

If she's had an abortion, she most certainly should tell her doctor. He should know her entire medical history. There is absolutely NO REASON not to tell her doctor. Even if he is friends with your family, he is legally obliged to keep that information to himself and can be prosecuted if he doesn't.


d - November 24

how did she even know that she was 3 weeks pregnant? are you sure that she really was and this is why she is raising the point that she doesn't want to mention it to the doctor? i am a__suming that she terminated the pregnancy or else why would she be concerned what a doctor would say, doctors are the ones that perform these procedures they are not going to judge her and he cannot reveal any of her medical information to anyone or he will get into big trouble.


*X* - November 24

Now that d mentions it, it doesn't really make sense to say she was "3 weeks pregnant two years go," because even if she had an abortion, she'd have to have been at least 8 weeks, since abortions can't be done before then. Can you please explain your post above?


Actually - November 24

Abortions can be done as early as 6 weeks.



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