Gaining Too Much Weight

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~m~ - December 7

Ok, yesterday at my doctor visit, I had gained 6 pounds since my last visit (4 weeks ago). My doc told me I am gaining too much and to cut back on my eating. But the thing is, I don't see myself overeating. I eat 3 meals a day, and snack on stuff like oranges in between meals. So what do I do? Is there something besides food that could be causing this weight gain?


to m - December 7

I dont have an answer for you, but I just wanted to say that I would probably slap my doc if he told me I was gaining too much weight. I am eating as healthy as I can considering I start feeling bad if I do not eat when I am hungry, and I can't help it if I get hungry an hour after eating a meal. I try to eat as healthy as I can, but of course sometimes I slip up. I dont understand how some of these women who start off underweight only gain a minimal amount of weight, and doc's dont tend to be telling them to keep eating and gain more. It just irritates me how doc's are so concerned about the numbers over health and well-being. They need to be telling people to eat healthy, and not to stop eating b/c that is the only way I would be able to slow down my weight gain. So, I feel your frustration


Big Momma - December 7

Why didn't you tell your dr. what you normally eat, then have him suggest what to eat or not eat? I'd go by his suggestions. Make him sit down and talk longer than five minutes. If he were that concerned he would have given you some suggestions.


~m~ - December 7

I have been really sick with this pregnancy, which means I can NOT let myself get hungry or it's hurl-city! She knows how sick I've been, and throwing up and stuff. She said yesterday, "It looks like you have your appet_te back, now cut back on your eating." If I don't eat, I get sick. I'm so frustrated... and hungry! LOL


jan - December 7

I just posted a thread called "DO NOT REDUCE CALORIES WHILE PREGNANT" you may want to read that and it will make you feel better about your weight gain. It was some info I did not know, and it kindof scared me!! Its under "general pregnancy questions"


~m~ - December 7

jan, I saw that. Thanks so much for posting that!


lynnstress - December 7

Hey, one week I gained 15 lbs! I'm due on Friday Dec. 9, and my total weight gain has been 38 lbs. I'm still okay with that - it's right around one pound per week. And I never took to the notion of "eating for two."


Annette - December 7

...could also be that you are retaining water!!!! As long as you are eating healthy, I don´t see why you should cut down your meals.


and... - December 7

6 pounds in 4 weeks is normal, I´d say...


Lew - December 7

My baby had big growth spurts. I would gain 2 pounds in 4wks and then 8 pounds the next 4wks. It's the total weight gain at the end of the pregnancy that is important, not how much you gain each week. You could try eating lots of small snacks/meals and walking for exercise if your concerned.


randi - December 7

ive gained 8 pounds for two months straight ive even cut back on sweets and snacks. im due march 1


Bonnie - December 7

Hmmm, I was told 6 pounds in 4 weeks is perfectly normal as well.


Kristin - December 7

Well I'm 33 weeks and I've gained 43 pounds. I don't eat more than others, and I get a fair amount of exercise. My doctor gripes at me every appointment but I don't know what to tell him! I used to be underweight, so it's stressing me out enough to be this big, without him jumping on me. He acts like I'm lying to him about what I eat which really p__ses me off. I'm not scarfing junk food, but I'm sure as hell not going to diet while I'm pregnant.


anita - December 7

maybe it had something to do w/ thanksgiving. i gained 4lbs that wk. alone.


Jamie - December 8

I gained 16 pounds in 3 weeks...of course, for me, it was an indication of pre-eclampsia. I'd say - just keep track of what you eat; don't cut back, just write it down for a few days, and check what calories you're really consuming. I do that every so often, and I'm always surprised cause I never think I'm really eating that much.


C - December 8

My doctor said to eat three meals a day with snacks in between. I didn't have even half that and gained 50lbs, but he was never concerned. Eat!


C - December 8

Looking back, I would (not purposely) under eat through all my pregnancies and I've always gained a lot, 50lbs is the least I've gained. Seriously, I wouldn't worry, unless you have other medical issues.



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