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Katee - November 30

I know everywoman is different, but about when should you begin to gain weight? Thanks.


Christine - November 30

You really answered that question yourself...everyone is doc says that you should gain about 10 lbs by your 20th week, I gained about 8...and its also different depending on the size you were before pregnancy..good luck


Mellissa - November 30

If you are in a healthy weight range for your height than 25-35lbs is healthy to gain. If this describes you than you just gain a little more (30-35lbs) if you are taller and a little less if you are shorter (25-30lbs but note: 35lbs on someone 5'2" may not be a great idea) However, if you are underweight you may need to gain more and overweight people need to gain much less. Most of the weight should be gained in the second and third trimesters as the baby and all it's support systems are all quite insignificant in weight in the first 13 wks (1st trimester) of pregnancy. On average, you need about 100calories more per day over a regular, healthy diet in the first trimester and 300calories more a day in the second and third. This being said, some people (like me!) gain more than 5lbs in the first trimester. The good news? It levels off because I gained 11lbs in the first trimester (YUK!) and am only up to 20lbs 16wks later. My weight gain (over a very healthy original weight) was due to the fact that the only thing I wanted to eat was starchy carbs and french fries for the first trimester! Luckily, I was then able to pick up my previous healthy diet and level off the weight gain properly. Should my weight gain continue as it should, I will have gained about 28lbs total when all is said and done. Christine is right that, by the 20th week or so you should have gained about 10lbs but there is also the fact that some women gain 6 of that in their b___sts alone! I went from a 34B to a 36D and that was just in the first trimester. You also tend to gain about 10-12lbs in the last 12wks of pregnancy that usually isn't always extra maternal fat, it's baby! My advice is to figure out what a healthy weight is for your height and build and go from there. Keep in mind that there is no set rate at which to gain it but that, once it goes on, it can't come off until after the baby is born. It's never safe to try and lose weight during pregnancy and although it may happen in the first few months due to food aversions and again in the last few weeks due to a baby squishing your stomach into the size of a apricot, you should never try to diet.


Katee - November 30

Thank you Christine and Mellissa!!!



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