Gaining Weight

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mommy356 - February 7

Scarey thought...I know. Before I got pregnant I weighed a whopping 110 lbs. Now 36 weeks pregnant I am around 146-148 lbs. When you do the math correctly that is about 36-38 pounds. Holy h__l that is alot to gain in 9 months! My question is...Am I gaining too much? It is said that the baby will gain half a pound a week, and I have four weeks left, I'm gonna hit the 150 mark! Since I was so small before, does that have something to do with it? Or am I just a heifer who couldn't control her weight gain during pregnancy? My doctor always said it was fine, but 2 weeks ago at my appointment he said to try and gain only 3 more pounds. I over shot that mark by a long shot. Has anyone else gained a considerable amount during their pregnancy? I just hope I am not over gaining.


Marlene - February 7

Hi I'll be 34wks on Friday and started out at 110lbs and as of this morning I weigh 145lbs. So that's a total of 35lbs and I still have 6wks to go. So I'll prob be at the 155-160 mark by time this is over but I'm not really concerned. You lose like 12lbs b4 you even leave the hospital. I think you are controlling your weight just fine.


yungmama - February 7

Hi mommy356! I am only 26 weeks pregnant and I already gained 30 lbs. I started out at 125 and now weigh 155. I try really hard to eat healthy and not too much but it doesn't seem to be working. It seems like I could starve myself and keep gaining all the weight. Everyone is different I figure I will just worry about it after baby is here b/c I have enough to stress about right now.


natalie21 - February 7

LOL. I weighed 94 lbs. when I got pregnant and 152 when I delivered! My son is 3 months now and I can wear most of pre-pregnancy jeans. Hope this makes you feel better. :)


Newmom - February 10

36 weeks here and have gained 62 lbs, yikes! No one has said anything to me the whole time (my dr group has 6-7 dr/midwives) until this week. A little late to worry about it now, don't ya think? I ate healthy the first 4 months, and the weight kept coming anyway. Just lucky I guess! I'm with yungmama, worry later...


piratesmermaid - February 14

This is my first pregnancy and my mother gained a lot of weight with me and my brother (almost 60 lbs each time), and I'm worried that I'll gain just as much. At ten weeks, I had already gained 9 lbs. I haven't gotten on the scale at home, but I'll find out this coming Monday how much more I've gained, that I shouldn't have. I know most doctor's say to only gain between 25 and 35 lbs, but it seems like realistically, most women gain a lot more. I think as long as you're eatting healthy, that is more important than weight gain. - February 15

Before I got pregnant I weighed 115, I got up to 174, and when I delivered I was 169. So I gained around 55 lbs. and I had my son at 37 wks. He is now 5 wks. old and I've only lost 20lbs.



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