Gassy Anyone

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Juliebug - November 11

Hey, I'm about 5 weeks along, and am SOOO gassy, but it won't 'come out' (tmi?) I go to the dr for my first check-up on Wed. Any suggestions on what to do, except just eat prunes etc....?? thanks, Juliebug


Christi - November 11

Take some gas-x... not to bring you down or be pessimistic... but it will most likely get worse...mine has... at 22 weeks ... I am a farting!!! Quite embarra__sing... but it happens!!!


Juliebug - November 11

Ahhhh...thanks for your response--it's comforting to know that there is something I can do....not so comforting that it'll most likely get worse.....Guess my hubby gets to see a new side to me lol


Christi - November 11

lol... no kidding... I feel like a walking if tmi!!! Anyway... the bigger you get the harder it is to be modest about the gas...your hubby will definately get I've had a couple embara__sing moments.... but my bf thinks its hilarious...brought us


>B> - November 11

I'm in week 18 and it doesn't stop. I try to watch what I eat since some foods cause more gas than others.


LOL! - November 11

Ha-ha. You are all too funny!


swan - November 11

Have you tried using sugar free gummy bear suppositories? I have some friends who swear by it for releasing gas. They say insert 2 - 3 bears and they will dissolve and the gas will come out without stinking or making a lot of noise.


pg no longer with twins - November 11

I love farting, it feels so dam good, lol stinky or not, but i am 12 weeks and its getting harder to push as the weeks go on. lol


K - November 11

Mine has got worse at 22 weeks! If that's possible! ;)


Chris - November 12

I am 18 wks and last night I was in tears the gas pain was so bad I had a hard time walking to my bed , I couldnt stand straight . I lied down and after abit I let out some gas and felt better . My hubby was ready to take me to the hosp . It was worse then labour pain itself. Has anyone else had it that bad?


K - November 12

Chris, I had that one day at work. I thought I was going into labor or something! It happened after lunch and I couldn't even stand up! I took some tums & eventually after about 2 hours it went away. I mentioned it to the dr and he said it could have been the ligaments stretching too with the gas pain. Hopefully that will never happen again!! Good luck!


Christi - November 12

I ate some dried beans one day... a whole bunch of dried beans... I was pooting for 2 days straight. I learned my lesson... ladies... take note... DONT eat a whole lot of beans in one day!!! Not a good idea!!!


Mel - November 12

I had an intestinal blockage once and it was a lot more painful than labor pains.



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