Gender Prediction

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MARIE - February 28



Hi - February 28

I recently looked at the Chinese gender chart and it predicted "boy." Well I have a girl. I guess it has a 50/50 chance!!!


Natasha - February 28

They say the closer to ovulation that you BD, the better your chances are for a boy. If you BD several days in advance and skip the 2-3 before OV, a girl is most likely. Male sperm is quicker, but it doesn't survive for very long. Female sperm is slower, but has a longer duration. If you're able to calculate when you had s_x just before OV, you may have a fair guess at what you may be having. Congrats x


Jbear - March 1

Here's a fun superst_tion to try. Hang a gold ring from a string and hold it over the part of your abdomen where the baby is. If it swings back and forth, it's a boy. If it swings in circles, it's a girl. My boss did this to me and predicts a boy. I have another six weeks until my ultrasound, so maybe I'll know then if it works. In the meantime, it's kind of fun.





prego nc - May 4

I did the wedding ring test also and it indicated girl and that's what I'm having. Found out two weeks ago. :)


shannon - June 2

i have tried the ring test with both of a friend's pregnancies. both times it was correct. i am 25 weeks pregnant now and according to the ring it's a boy but my doctor thinks it's a girl based on the heartbeat. you should try holding a threaded needle over your wrist. when i tried this, it swung in a circle 3 times and a line then stopped. there should be a pause between each time you were pregnant, whether you had a baby or not, circle for girl and line for boy. i have 3 girls so far so i'm crossing my fingers...


nicole schwartz - June 8



Zoe - June 8

Marie, the fortune told me i was having a boy and they were right, i'm having a baby boy.


Wanda - June 10

Sorry, could you explain this ovulation counting method again? Thanks. I still don't know what my baby's gender is. I've also heard that depending on how fast the heartbeat that true? Thanks.


lashunda - June 14

u have to pay to get the result??


Jodie - June 14

that website told me i was having a girl, complete strangers were coming up and telling me i was having a girl but the chinese chart told me i was having a boy and guess what im having....a boy :)


lisa - August 28

yes...for 1 child it was accurate. for 1 it wasn't


linda01 - April 17

★★★★★ I just had to let anyone who questions whether or not fortunebaby is real or not, that IT IS!!! Even when all of the charts, predictors, and even urine gender test was wrong. Fortune Baby has predicted the s_x correctly in all 3 (THREE) pregnancies I've used it on!!! I've conceived 2 girls and a boy and Fortune Baby predicted it correctly every time!!!



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