Gender Prediction From Sound Of Heartbeat

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bllcy - September 15

Has anyone heard that the baby's heart beat can sound different based on if it is a girl or a boy. Not that it is faster or slower, but that it has more of a whooshing sound for a girl and a galloping sound for a boy? I have heard people say that their dr. or midwife could guess the s_x by how the heart beat sounded. What is everyones experience too?


stephaniers86 - September 15

Yes! I have heard that a faster heart beat is usually a girl! My best friend had a baby in Feb. and the doctor told her more than likely she was having a girl because of the rapid heart beat and ahe did!! Good Luck and congrats!!!!!


Crys22 - September 15

Hello, I was told that a faster heartbeat means a girl, and the slower means a boy. WE'll mine was really fast in the 160's and yup it's a girl, and my cousins baby was always about 130 and she is having a boy.


luvmydogs - September 15

That's a good question! I have never heard of sound difference to tell the s_x, but I had heard of the faster, slower one. I have a doppler and listen everyday...sometimes it sounds like galloping and sometimes like whooshing or like a wind tunnel and sometimes b/c of the fluid or something it sounds juicy! So, in my case, it wouldn't tell me the s_x. My baby's hb is always around 145. We shall see...I have my u/s Sept 25th so I hope it cooperates! :)


bllcy - September 15

Thanks, luvmydogs. I was curious because with both of my girls it always sounded like a swooshing noise every time we heard it. Now, w/ my third baby it sounds much stronger like a galloping. I cant wait to see if it might be a boy.


sahmof3 - September 15

All of my kids heartbeats were in the 160's earlier on in pregnancy and 140's nearer the end. I had boy, girl, boy.


SaraH - September 15

This is really an old wives tale. While it may end up being true in some cases, it's due to luck and is often wrong. Heart rate really just depends on the baby, not on the gender. Studies indicate that there is no truth in this, and most doc also agree that there is no truth in it as well. Check out the other post on this called “Baby heartbeat.” Good luck to all you girls.


Smilefull - September 15

whoosing sound is actually blood pa__sing through your placenta, and galloping is your babe's actual heartbeat. I've heard the fast=girl, slow=guy wives tale too. With my two pregnancies it seems to have been the oppositate (boy-always around 160/girl--always around 140)


bllcy - September 16

^ Thanks smileful, that makes sense.


Rhonda - September 18

My last two babies both had a hb of around 124-130 and they were both girls.


Smilefull - September 18

ha! lower heart rate = girl!!


jenrodel - September 18

I am having a boy and his heartbeat was around 155 at the beginning of the pregnancy and now at 38 weeks has slowed down to about 140 on average.


Carah - September 19

My friends 1st baby had a heart beat around 158 and the baby she just had was around 146> They are both boys. So i Really dont think the heartbeat matters, she heard about the heart beat for different s_xs, and was all happy, and thought she was going to have her 1st girl (which is going to be her last baby). But ended up with 2 boys.... I guess its all what u want to believe.


Rhonda - September 19

Ya i was certain my last two were gonna be boys,but both girls.



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