Gender Prediction Oh Boy Or Girl

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Lara - October 27

Hi, I was just curious if anyone had heard of Are they very accurate in their predictions and has anyone used their Gender planning calendar and are they very helpful? I would appreciate any info as they looked like a very interesting site. Thanks.


karen - October 27

Hi lara, I didn't use their calendars b/c I am already pg, but they did do a prediction for me and it was accurate for me. hope this helps. GL!


me! - October 27

Childbirth is the best way to find out whether you are having a boy or girl.....however, if you are just too darn curious...u/s would be your next bet! Those internet predictions, or old wives tales, are more for fun than anything! The way I see it, you have a 50% chance of having a boy or girl! Gender planning calendar? I'm not sure if I believe in those too much either.... I think nature just does its "thing". Sorry I have no real advice about the website. Just thought I'd comment to your post!


lara - October 27

Thanks Karen and me! My friend told me about the site and said it was right for her, so I thought I might try it since it is only $5 I guess if they are wrong at least i'm not out of much.


me! - October 27

Anything that you would have to pay for sounds like a scam!


taken - October 27

I piad for it and it was wrong! Save your money!!


I - October 27

I agree with me! a little. Why not just let God decide what gender you have? It's not up to the parents. That just seems like you're playing with fire when you do that kind of thing. Also, it's such a blessing to know that the gender you do have isn't a mistake when you let God decide. About the prediction site... I've never heard of it. But I wouldn't believe it if I used it.


sarah - October 27

Hi, I used their prediction and it was right. I don't know how accurate they are but I had a fun with it anyway! and it was neat when I found out they were right. As for the woman who calls herself "I" I think I speak for all women who tried to sway the odds, no baby is a mistake no matter what gender it turns out to be! I suppose it is fun for some people to let God decide the gender of their babies, but for others it is fun to try to sway the odds a bit! I think God will agree that HE loves the baby no matter if you tried to sway the odds and had success or not. Lara I would say go for it if you want to, it is fun and like you said you aren't loosing much for a bit of fun.


I - October 27

Hi Sarah. I didn't say a baby was a mistake. No baby is a mistake. But if someone TRIED to have a certain gender, then didn't get what they wanted, they may think that it was a mistake for the baby to be that gender. Not the baby being here actually being a mistake. And if someone TRIED to have a certain gender, and it did turn out to be what they wanted, then they would believe more in that. And I WOULD agree that God does love everyone... gender, color, nation, even religion, no matter what. But as I said it's not up to us. Even when you think you're deciding the gender by the kind of s_x you have, or the certain website you go to, or the scientist you may see, if the gender is what you wanted(or not), it was still God's planning. And God's miracle, not yours!


cs - October 27

I did a gender prediction. I have not found out yet if they are correct. My ultrasound is Nov. 17. They predicted I would have a girl. It was fun. This web site is free. One of the other ladies suggested it on this site. [email protected] This is all just for fun.


sarah - October 27

to "I" have you looked at they have a 100% guarantee that they can make sure that you get the gender that you want. They sort through the sperm and pick out all the boy or girl sperm depending on what you want, and they also screen the sperm for genetic diseases and stuff, they do not alter the genes for looks or anything like that, they just pick out the ones that would be prone to a genetic disease. You will definately get your choice of gender and this is guaranteed. I am sure that God will still love the baby even if he'd planned on your having the opposite s_x. I really think God has better things to do than to worry about what gender he demands that we have! I think he wants us to be happy and if he's made someone smart enough to be able to do this then why would he care so long as we love it and take care of it, that is what God really cares about, he doesn't care if it's a boy or a girl and he doesn't care that you used a selection method either!


mary - October 27

To I, maybe it was gods planning that someone find a s_x selection method to help them get the gender they prefer so that they will be happy, I agree that god only wants us to be happy.


lisa - October 27

Yes they were right for me too! I'm having a boy due in March! I only found out last week. It was good clean fun and not expensive so what the heck! Anyone else due in March?


I - October 27

The point is that we are to be happy, or at least learn to be happy with what God gives us. And realize that HE knows what's best whether we think so or not. All children are our blessings whether they are the gender we wanted or not. He gave us our own minds. We are not His puppets. But that doesn't mean that we are to try to outdo HIm.


K - October 27

Hi Lisa, I'm due March 11and I'm having a boy :) When are you due?


lisa - October 28

K, Hi, I'm due March 11th, cool! Seems like a lot of boys are due in March. Good Luck with yours.


sarah - October 28

to "I" Well, if you are going to talk about leaving things up to God, then I suppose that you aren't a hypocrite and have never taken birth control? Leaving things up to God goes a lot further than not trying to influence gender, Maybe God has a plan for you to have 15 kids and all boys at that! I'm sure you'd have at least that many if you left it up to God instead of taking birth control!! So put your birth control where your mouth is and never take them again, leave it up to God how many kids you have okay, because you are playing with fire if you don't right??? Just trying to make your world a little bigger hun, but whatever!



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