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kimberly - May 11

Hi, I have 2 boys now. They are the joy of my life. I have always wanted a daughter too. My husband also has another son from a previous marriage. So the chances of having another boy is high. I was wondering if anyone knows about these natural gender selection charts and kits you can buy online? Has anyone ever tried them and did it work? Not that I wouldn't be happy if I had a boy, because I would love him so much anyway, but if you can better your chances for a girl why not try it? Would love to hear comments about this!


Trish# - May 11

I don't anything about "kits" but know there are books you can buy as well--with tips on what might produce a girl (from foods to eat pre-conception to positions to timing with Ovulation, etc). You could probably find a new or used book on it on Amazon...


Laurabb4 - May 11

Hello, There are so many things out there. I have three boys. I am expecting my 4th. It's a girl! We did not do anything different. Just said 4 is our total take what we get. I did check into different gender predictor methods. Did not feel to confident in any of them. The only thing I did test was after I became pregnant I wanted to see what they thought I would have. They were right according to ultrasound. Sorry not any help. Good luck. I hope you get your baby girl!


Been There - May 11

They have all kinds of things they say may work, but there is nothing that will guarantee what you have. They can't even prove they work because, the chance is 50/50. I know someone else who tried everything to have a just one boy and ended up with 5 girls. My sister had 3 boys in a row with her husband and they are finally having a girl this time. But they didn't do anything at all. She didn't even plan on getting pregnant. I know how it feels to want one gender because you already have the other. I hope you do get the girl you want. Good luck on trying.


kimberly - May 11

Thanks for the replies. Has anyone tried these and it worked??


Danielle19 - May 11

If you can afford to spend $10,000 in the bigger city hospital they can actually take your husbands sperm and take all female sperms and insert them in you like they do with in vitro then you've got 100 % chance of having a girl if conception takes place


sa__sifras - May 11

Careful, you are messing with nature. This is why China has 1 girl to every 28 boys in elementary schools in some areas and women are being kidnapped and raped because there are not enough to go around for the overpopulation of men. I understand the desire for either or, but sometimes you are given what you are destined to have. I am all for gender selection where there is a genetic disorder, but just to buy pink I don't agree with. Only the methods that involve fertilizing eggs and destroying the ones with the "wrong" s_x. Same as abortion to me. Anyhow, enough on my college term paper from years ago... The most popular natural method I had heard of involved the acidity and the alkalinity of the cervix which could be altered by certain foods that are eaten. Google it and see what you come up with. It doesnt hurt to try. Good luck!


aggie03 - May 12

I have a friend who wanted a boy then a girl... and that is exactly what she got using a book. She said what made the most since was that boy sperm swim faster so you have s_x after ovulation and girl sperm live longer so you have s_x several days before ov then obstain . most of the boy sperm die out before an egg even gets there....We like to pin the s_x determination on dh but some scientist now believe that the egg might actually "choose" the sperm that fertilizes in that case think pink! ha ha!


Laurabb4 - May 13

My DH says chances increase to have oppostie. Sounds backwards but. think about when you flip a coin. Each time you flip either heads or tales. The more times you try the odds for getting the same decrease. What we are supposed to have is what we get. I really wanted a girl and was determined to get one. Good Luck!


Betul - May 13

Hi Kimberly, What aggie03 was talking about is called the Shettles Method and it is the method we used this pregnancy. I have 5 wonderful boys but desperately wanted a girl. My 4 older boys are from a previous marriage (19yr-14yrs) and I have a little boy (4yrs) with my husband now. Both husbands have a strong male lineage in their families. With the Shettles Method you have to track your cycle every day, every month, and know your body well (A great book to read, Taking Charge of your Fertility). As aggie03 said, male sperm are faster but dont live as long as female sperm. Female sperm are bigger and slower but live longer. So to have a girl you must have s_x between 24-36 before ovulation sooner. The theory behind the Shettles method is that the female sperm will outlive the male sperm and will be "waiting" in place for the egg whenyou ovulate. If you have s_x within the 24 hours of ovulating (before and after) your chances of a boy increase because the faster male sperm will beat out the female sperm to the prize egg. We had our 19 week ultrasound yesterday and after almost 20 years and against the odds of these male families, we are having a little GIRL!!! This method, I believe worked for us! Much cheaper than actual genetic gender selection but a little bit more work and timing. A very small price I think now after all those months of temperture taking and Good Luck and lots of baby dust!


Betul - May 13

oops, I forgot the word "hours" after 24-36 in the above post


kimberly - May 13

Does the Shettels Method work for women who have irregular cycles. Mine vary widely. My last 2 cycles were, 1-23, 2-21, 4-6, and today is cycle day 38 and no period yet. So as you can see ovulation is hard to predict. I was thinking of buying a fertility monitor to help with this. Any suggestions about these


flower.momma - May 14

I tried the Shettles method, hoping for a boy, for a couple months. I finally got fed up, and gave up. I have heard promising things from people who have tried the shettles method, and they say that there is very little danger of unbalancing the population. Especially in our culture, where there doesn't seem to be a lean towards any one s_x. I have a beautiful daughter, and if I have another girl this time I will try more didligently with the Shettles method next time.


melpalmer7 - July 3

Hi Kimberly I know how you feel. I have 3 boys and would love a girl. ( my youngest is only 8 mos. so not yet...) but would like to try for a girl. Im only having 4 and 4 boys would be great too. My sister has 3 boys, my brother has 2. Same on my dh side 15 boys 2 girls so.... just wandering if youve tried the shettles. ive also heard of smart stork .com but it is more expensive. I dont think Id be great at tracking everything, but I guess Ill try. Let me know if you are trying anything or are pregnant yet! thanks- melanie


Asmith - May 15

Hi Kimberly. I am also in the same position as you. I have 3 boys who I adore. We would also like to have a girl to complete our family. I just found out I am pregnant with our 4th! In an effort to 'go for the girl' I used the Shettles Method and The Girl Diet. We won't know for awhile, but we'll see.....Good luck to you...


MEandHIM - July 5

I plan to try the shettles method to concieve a girl (I have 2 boys) could you tell me about the diet your speaking of?


oncemore - July 6

Hi there. Well I now have the book by Dr. Shettles as my neice just sent it to me (her friend used it-she had 4 boys and did the book exactly the way to do it and she got a girl!) I have one boy and two girls and just lost my last pg at 14 1/2 weeks ( I am still so sad over this- it was a boy). I didn't have the book when trying this 4th time, but looked online a bit about the Shettles method and found that closer to ovulation and more alkiline ph the better chances you have for ttc a boy. We did get a boy and all I did was the bbt charting and opks to pin point ovulation and then we did it the night of the day I got a pos. lh surg from the opk. NOW- reading the book it all makes more sense. Girls are harder to try for since you need to have a good idea as to when you ovulate so you can have s_x at least two days before ovulation and then hold out (which also makes chances of even conceiving less-but not impossible). Hubby needs to have a good build up of sperm and then go for it on the right time! I also used a water-baking soda douche about a day before we had s_x to help the ph balance in my v-j-j (lol). For a boy you need to have more alkaline and that is harder to get. For a girl, you could douche with the vinigar and water douches they have on the shelfs instead of making your own like I had to with the baking soda and water. You can purchase ph strips online or at a pharmacy (cheaper this way) and test the ph level in your cm to see if you should alter it a little (if you are going to be extreeme like me, lol). Apparently the more alkiline the better, for both types of sperm, but girl sperm (x sperm) live longer and boy sperm (y sperm) swim faster but are weaker and die easier- so if more acidic the cm (within reason) the girl sperm would have a better chance and the boy sperm (the weaker one) would not make it as well. But mainly I think it has a heck of lot more to do with timing of s_x and ovulation. With our first child (boy) I charted my temp and that was all. We had s_x at the time I was thinking I was ovulating. Then with our second (girl) we just had s_x almost every night after my period for about 20 days (that was tiring! dh sure liked it but even he got tired) and then with our 3rd (girl) I charted my bbt and watched my cm just for the heck of it (kind of hoping for another boy) and looking back I see that we had s_x way too early from ovulation (we had s_x 4 days before ovulation and one after) and with this last pg that didn't make it, I tried for a boy and it worked. So that is why I think it has more to do with timing than anything else. I am on cd 4 and we are going to go ahead and try one more time (the m/c was emotionally hard so not sure if we will try again after this time). I am going to do just about everything the book talks about to favor my odds at getting a boy (my oldest-our son-really wants a brother bad. To my husband and I, it doesn't really matter since we have at least one of each gender and that makes the home fun- and another girl would be fun for our youngest as she is 6 years younger than her sister) So either way, we feel we win! We just hope to have 4 total and complete our family! Lots of baby dust to all who are trying! Best wishes for your dreams of pink or blue which ever it may be!



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