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Worried - October 11

I am 11 weeks pregnant and have noticed about 4 small sores on my genitals. They're not sore but have been itchy on and off. They don't look vicious, just like small raised mosquito bites. I am worried that they may be herpes or warts. I have looked on the net for pictures of herpes and they don't look any where near as awefull as that... I just don't know though??? Please can anyone let me know what herpes or warts look like or what they may be????


To worried - October 11

Genital warts look like flesh colored bumps which can be small or grow to be bigger. Itching is a symptom of them. Im not trying to scare you but you need to ask your doctor next time you go. Are you married? Hpv (genital warts) can lie dormant in you but during pregnancy they usually pop up.


:( - October 11

Sounds more like warts then herpes. Herpes is supposed to be painful and make you feel sick. I think warts are itchy also. When are you scheduled for a pap smear? You need to have one done, your doctor will know what it is after doing one.


hope this helps - October 11

I wouldn't worry until you know for sure,if you do have warts it is treatable and it will not affect your baby!


AH - October 12

they could also be infected hair folacles... aka ingrown hairs... do you shave in that area?


good luck - October 12

maybe razor bumps, i went in one time because of being sore down there with bumps, doc asked if i shaved and thats all it was. yes they were itchy and red. little bites as you explained. hopefully you have nothing mmore good luck


moi - October 12

uh-oh...sounds like warts to me! I had them once, they aren't neccessarily flesh colored, some of mine were whitish. Had to go through 2 sessions of liguid- nitrogen freezing. When that didn't work, had to get them lazored off! Good luck, they are a b___h!



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