Gest Sac And Yolk Sac At U S

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lanislee - April 29

Hi. I had posted earlier about being nervous about my u/s. Well, I had it today, but they won't get back to me with my results until Monday, so I have to wait through the weekend. I was very dissappointed, I had been nervous for this all week. They did a va___al u/s so she could see but she didn't say what anything was or if there was anything there. My husband did say that she measured the gestational sac and the yolk sac. I did get to see the gestational sac, but I saw nothing in it, but that's when my dh said he saw something on the bottom right hand of the gestational sac and then the technician measured yolk sac, so who knows. I'm just very confused and wish that I could find out if everything is ok. Hopefully we have something in there. Not really sure what the yolk sac is or does, so if anyone could explain that would be great!!


natural - April 29

When I was seven weeks, they said they couldn't detect a fetal heartbeat or fetal pole, all they seen was the yolk sac. This happened at about 3 of my u/s. Now I'm thirty five weeks preg and happy. Don't stress over it... everything should be WONDERFUL. Good luck.


shay - May 10

First as an ultrasound tech, your u/s tech did right by not giving you any info and only allowing you to see the gs. Unfortunately for the patient that is what the law restricts us on. We don't have the license to diagnose just to take the pictures. Second as a person in your same position as you. Yes it is scary not to see anything in the GS very early on and then only see the YS. You should have a follow up ultrasound and yes it will have to be v____al. This should be used to just be sure that a fetal pole can be identified.


Nikolette - May 13

I have a question for "Natural"... are you 35 weeks pregnant now afte the 3 times that they did see a fetel heartbeat or fetal pole during your U/S and just the yolks sac????


vanessa - May 13

I had a v____al ultrasound yesturday at 7 weeks 3 days and my doctor pointed out everything to us... we even got to hear the beating heart! It makes no sense to me why they would do this and NOT tell you what you are looking at????? I couldn't imagine if I had to lay there and NOT know what in the world was going on inside my OWN body. I'm sorry... this baffles me... legality or not it makes no sense. Why even do one then????


Pippy - May 14

Hi, I am 16 weeks pregnant and I went for an early ultrasound when I first found out I was pregnant, the same thing happened to me, they could see a gestational sac and a yolk sac but could not see a baby or heart beat, they dated me at approx 6 weeks and asked me to come back in 2 weeks to have another ultrasound - if I hadn’t already miscarried (which they told me was highly likely) any way the outcome was I went back in 2 weeks and they found a heartbeat and a baby but actually re-dated it 6 at weeks. When I went to my doctor to have all the results explained she said that at my 1st ultrasound I was only 4 weeks pregnant and the baby was still to small to see at that time, when I went back 2 weeks later it was still so tiny but they could just measure it and find a heartbeat. I was so scared to and they didn’t explain any thing to me, I had to sit and wonder for 2 weeks. It was awful. I guess all I can say is there is still hope all will be ok with you and I hope your next ultrasound gives you some great news.



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