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Ashbash22 - May 8

Ok,so when i had my ultrasound done on the 19th of april,they said i was 6 weeks and 4 days. Well i was looking at my ultrasound pic and i noticed that at the top it said GA(lmp)=7w2days. What does that mean? Was i really 7 weeks and what is the difference between gestation age and gestational? When was my baby actually conceived?I had my last period on Feb 27th. And when i went to my Doc appt,he said i was 9 weeks along and he found the heartbeat on the doppler thing,could i actually be further along? If somebody could please help me with this i would greatly appreciate it! Thanx!!!!


Grandpa Viv - May 8

Gestation age is technically from when you conceived, while for convenience everyone talks about weeks from Last Menstrual Period (lmp) which is two weeks more. In your case the ultrasound tech made sure there was no confusion by saying Gestational Age (based on last menstrual period) =7w2days. That means you conceived from ovulation 5w2days earlier and s_x in the few days leading up to that. When you revisited the doc two weeks later he added 2 weeks to the lmp age. That leaves the 6weeks4days as a question. My guess is that you told them when you filled in the form that your lmp began March 4th and until they had the ultrasound in hand, they went with that. You may have ovulated several days early in March, and the ultrasound could have been off by a couple of days. That would explain the 5 days difference. Good luck!


Ashbash22 - May 8

I had my lmp on feb 27th not on march 4th. Does that make any difference? And i didnt see my doc until the 2nd of may and thats when he told me i was 9 weeks or so and thats when i heard the heartbeat. basically what im trying to accomplish here is finding out when i conceived or a roundabout date.I would prefer to know that i either conceived between the 5 and 13th of march,is that a possibility?


Grandpa Viv - May 8

This all ties together except for the verbal 6 weeks 4 days. Perhaps that was a quick a__sessment after the ultrasound was done, and a more careful interpretation gave them 7 weeks 2 days from LMP. That takes you back to lmp Feb 27 with conception Mar 13. S_x any time Mar 8 - Mar 13 would have been responsible. When the doc saw you 2 weeks after the ultrasound he added 2 weeks to the interpretation to give you current information. Hope that clears it up.


Ashbash22 - May 9

so grandpa viv,could i possibly be further along than i think? so the 7 w 2d on mky ultrasound pic is what was really measured right? well then why did they say 6 weeks 4 days? and this other website i go on for pregnancy,it had told me that i was 10 weeks now but then it said 11 weeks if thats how i wanna count it. what does that mean?


MelissaK - May 9

The date at the top of your US photo is based on the SIZE of the baby from the crown to the rump. You WANT the baby to track bigger than your LMP date, it shows a healthy pregnancy. The date on the US does not reflect time gone by, but size in relation to time. Make sense?


Ashbash22 - May 9

melissaK,i kinda understand but im still confused,what do you mean by " size in relation to time a" at the end? im sorry i dont completely understand,im kinda slow sometimes.


Grandpa Viv - May 9

The crown to rump length of the fetus at about 7 weeks is the most accurate way to date fetal age and is accurate to within 3 days. In your case the 7w2d ties in with your LMP of Feb 27. Every week that pa__ses your baby will be one week older. The guy you had s_x with in the Mar 8-13 time frame is the father. Good luck!


MelissaK - May 10

Granpa Viv is on it. To make it even easier, there are guidleines for the docs for fetal dating. For example, at week 7, the baby should have a crown to rump measurement of X centimeters. At week 8, the baby should have a crown to rump measurement of X centimeters MORE than week 7. So sometimes, you can be in week 6, but the baby is measuring in the week 7 size range... which is great!!! Docs want to see the baby is tracking bigger than your LMP date.


Candice_D - June 1

Grandpa Viv, you definitly seem to know what you talking about. Perhaps you can help me. My LMP was the 25th September but doctor and ultrasounds say my LMP was 06 Oct. I'm exactly 34w0days today as i've just come back from the doc. What date do i use if i want to find out when baby was conceived. If i use the 25th September, i conceived on 09 Oct. If i use the 6th October then the conception date is 20 Oct. Now which one is correct. All this is very confusing, is the doctors date correct???


Grandpa Viv - June 1

Candice, if the ultrasound was done at about 7 weeks I would believe the doc and figure that you ovulated late that month. Were your cycles 28 days? If the ultrasound was second trimester, it might not be that accurate. Better yet, do you remember when you first had early signs of pregnancy? If that was Oct 16ish, go with your earlier date. If you don't remember, or the signs started later, forget that aspect. Good luck!


Candice_D - June 4

Grandpa Viv, the ultrasound was first trimester and my cycles were about 28/29 days apart. I cant remember any signs of pregnancy until i found out that i was pregnant and that was about the 2nd November 2006. So do you think i ovulated late???


Ashbash22 - June 9

I just really dont understand why they they would say 6 weeks,4 days...? And then after the ultrasound,the nurse said that i probabley conceived around these on,so on...and that my period must have been like on march 2nd or 4th....i cant remember which one exactly..but i know for sure that i had my period on Feb 27th. When the picture had 7w2d at the top,did they input that into the ultrasound themselves or did the us pick that up automatically? Cause thats when i had my period. And also...lets say that i was really 6 weeks 4 days at the time of the ultrasound..that would mean that the baby was actually 4 weeks 2 days right? wouldnt that be too soon to have seen what i saw,the heartbeat and everything,and yolk sac with baby? and when you say it could be off by 5 days or so,do you mean 5 days earlier or 5 days later? hopefully 5 days later...i want this baby to be my and this other guy were together on the 17th of march,i obviously was with my boyfriend before that...i took my preg test on march 26th,and it came out positive...should i be worrying or am i ok??...


dallas.nicole - June 11

I'm kind of in the same boat. Was it your bfs baby?


Sarahreed - June 23

Hi people, I'm needing help to understand pregnancy with the weeks and things , can anyone help?


Grandpa Viv - June 23

Sarah, conception occurs when sperm meets egg at ovulation time, which happens two weeks before your expected period. Sex in the five days before to one day after ovulation is responsible for the pregnancy. 

The ultrasound measures the fetus to determine the fetal age, then adds two weeks to figure the start of your last normal menstrual period to determine the gestational age. If your cycles are not a regular 28 days the gestational age may not coincide with your record of LMP. 


Blessedmommy - June 29

Grandpa viv. I have a question for you. I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago according to my lmp I should have been a little over 8 weeks. My lmp was April 25th. When I had my ultrasound at my apt 2 weeks ago the technician said my due date is Feb 5 2018 and that I'm def not as far along as thought and I was only 6 weeks and and 4 days. When i had asked  the technician said probably ovulated later. Anyways I had sex the 8th of may and 10th with someone. But mother days weeked I was with someone else. Ultrasound tech said I conceived anywhere between the 12th and the 20 of may. What are your thoughts on the dates I conceived? I'm trying to figure out the father



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