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Lynn - August 11

I am feeling a little "down in the dumps" right now...I have that gestational diabetes and have to take insulin 4x a day and I just find it hard sometimes especially when i am hungry and really want something and cant have it because of the carbs in it...and now I am thinking of getting my tubes tied since this will be my second child and I dont want to have to take insulin like this again for 9 months next time, because 2 months is hard enough...anyone out there experiencing the same thing..I just need to talk to someone...thanks for your time


Valerie - August 11

Dear Lynn, please be patient and stick to your diet. I am 33 weeks on and have not been strickt enough with myself on the diet and as a result of the high blood sugar levels I have had all kind of infections which I struggle to get rid of because the bacteria thrive on my sugar levels. I'm now being extra tough on myself, no bread, no simple sugars, etc. It's really tiring to cook healthy food all the time and when it's not allowed you want sugar even more than normal, but at the moment I am spending a fortune in drugs to sort out the infections and I guess we're better off suffering on the diet a few months. I feel like you about not wanting another pregnancy like this though! Hopefully everything will be easier when the baby finally comes and our hormones are back to normal. GOOD LUCK, I know how you feel.


to lynn - August 11

I would not get your tubes tied for that reason only - only if you are sure you want no more kids. I say that because you are in the process of struggle now so we do rash things. It is like women who are in labor and swear they will never go through it again and then wind up with two more the time you are ready to get pregnant again maybe it will be easier. Now is not the time to think irrationally. Just try to hang in there as best you much longer do you have?


to lynn - August 11

Oh, one more thing, I am taking metmorfin (glucophage) for insulin balance. Is that a possibility for you? Really easy to pop a pill and makes eating habits more flexible...have you talked about this with you doc?


chel - August 11

Please don't make the decision to tie your tubes because of gestational diabetes. Did you have it with your first child as well? I was just wondering, because if not, you may not ever have it again. I had it with my first child, and not my second or third.



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