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ChaycesMom - June 15

I am now 30w 3days. I guess I have GD cause they are having me monitor my glucose levels. I just dont understand it yet. They told me to check an hour after I eat. Well, they actually told me to check it an hour from me starting to eat. Thats what doesnt make sense to me. I ate at 1230pm today, cause of talking and stuff I didnt finish until 1pm. I checked my sugar at 130 and it was high, I checked it at 2, which would be an hour after I finished and it was fine. I am soooo confused about it. Anyone else confused??


CaliTrish - June 15

They want to track how well your body processes sugar after one hour. How long it takes you to finish your meal will vary, but statistically, one hour after you take your first bite is easier to track than one hour after you finish. I think they a__sume, on average, you will finish eating in 15-20 minutes. They want your glucose level to be <140 mg/dL after one hour and <120 mg/dL after two hours. So a__suming a linear scale, at 2pm your level should have been <130 mg/dL. Sorry I can't explain this better. I was diagnosed with GD at 11 weeks. I have found that what I eat and whether I take a walk afterwards will have a much bigger affect on my glucose levels than how long it took me to eat. I can graze on veggies, cheese, & meat for almost the entire hour and have a decent reading, but if I eat a sandwich on white bread my reading will skyrocket. The best way to control GD is to control your diet. If they didn't set up a diet for you, then I would guess that you are borderline and they're trying to determine if you actually have GD.


ChaycesMom - June 16

Thank you. It does make a little more sense. I have an appt today with a nutritionist. Do you have to check your keytones in the am also?


CaliTrish - June 16

No, they only have me checking my blood glucose levels four times a day. Since I'm eating fairly often (every 2-3 hours) including a snack right before bedtime, I don't think they're worried that I'm burning up my fat-stores and spilling ketones. Also, I see a doc every two weeks (alternating between my regular ob/gyn and a high risk nurse practioner) and they take a urine sample. I will have find out if they check for ketones as well as sugar. You have got me curious, though. Hope your appt went well today. GD really isn't too bad. Overall, you'll eat healthier and feel better. Good luck.


ChaycesMom - June 19

Well my keytones seem to be going up a little, yesterday they were light today they are moderate. I dont like this diet, I try to follow it but I always seem to be hungry, no matter when I eat. I decided that I wasnt going to the nutritionist though, I have enough family members who are diabetic or on low carb diets, if I have any questions, I can ask them. I do have a sample meal plan that they gave me though and I am trying to follow that. I hate this, Like I actually needed more stress during my pregnancy.


CaliTrish - June 20

Sorry to hear it's stressing you out. I guess that's one advantage to getting GD early, you have more time to adjust. Just try your best. Make sure you snack every few hours and try to avoid sweets. If you're still hungry, eat more protein and/or veggies. When you can, take a short walk after you eat. It really helps lower my sugar levels. Good luck. It'll be over before you know it.



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