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ahemann99 - June 22

I just found out that I failed my glucose read 150....I have my 3 hour apt on Monday and I am stressin out big time. Has anyone else had a reading this high? did you end up having GD??? any help would be greatly appreciated!


moucheka - June 22

Hi, I got a reading of 162 after the one hour, then was forced to do the three hour (not fun!). In the three hour after one hour I had 121, 2 hours 139, three hours 69. The important factor in my test is that I don't normally consume soda or sugar and generally live on salad, meat and grains. Therefore my body was shocked by the sugary drink for the one hour. In preparation fo r the three hour test, I was told to really up my sugar/carb in take and eat white pasta/bread/cereals and include junk like icecream and soda. It nearly killed me! I felt lik e total c___p for the days before hand as it was so different for me (I am sure some people would think all their dreams had come true being told to eat heaps of sugar, but not me!). It worked, I pa__sed. I have since searched out other people and all those who are vegetarian or eat normally (meaning not junk food- soda/candy etc) all failed the one hour test. It rreally annoyed me as I don't have any signs of GD, not even any swelling at 33 weeks. The lab admited they calibrate the test to a__sume you eat junk and drink soda.


CaliTrish - June 22

Actually, 150 isn't that bad. They want you to have below 140 with the one hour test. Unfortunately, I wasn't given the same advice to carb up as Moucheka before my 3 hour test even though I similarly didn't consume soda or much sweets. I was diagnosed with GD at 11 weeks. However, I did have poor eating habits - 2 large meals a day rather than several smaller meals/snacks throughout the day. They put me on a no sugar/low carb diet with snacks every 2-3 hours and walks after lunch/dinner. I monitor my blood glucose levels 4 times day and take a small dose of Glyburide at night to keep my fasting levels down. It really hasn't been that bad. In the end, I know I'm eating better for myself and my baby. The hard part is to remember to eat cuz I'm never hungry. Anyway, since being diagnosed with GD, I found the test preparation advice on my hospital's website: Eat a balanced diet that contains at least 150 to 200 grams of carbohydrates per day for 3 days before the test. Fruits, breads, cereals, grains, rice, crackers, and starchy vegetables such as potatoes, beans, and corn are good sources of carbohydrate. Do not eat, drink, smoke, or exercise strenuously for at least 8 hours before your first blood sample is taken. Good luck with your 3-hour test.


ahemann99 - June 23

Thanks sooo much for all your advice! I appreciate it. do they tell you your results right after your tests? or do you have to suffer another day or so before the results are in?


CaliTrish - June 23

It may take a day or two to get the results, but they're fairly prompt about it. If you have GD, they want to get it under control ASAP.


ahemann99 - June 27

I got my results back....i pa__sed with flying colors!!!! thanks for all the advice and support!!!


KLT - June 28

I ate just 2 hours prior.... but the doctor and nurse got very worked up and that freaked me out. I've been following your suggestions though...went and bought a bunch of whole grain stuff yesterday, even got that yogurt you eat...its SO nasty! and am trying to basically follow a better low carb/sugar, lean meats and veggies meal plan. Thanks again Trish!


CaliTrish - June 28

KLT, sounds like you'll be fine. I wouldn't sweat it. You get use to the Splenda in the yogurt. Perhaps you'll like my breakfasts better - whole wheat quesadillas - 1oz cheese & 1oz meat plus any veggie you might want to add. It's so weird when cheese is an acceptable diet item.


Jen - June 29

I guess everyone is different. I had a 132 (when the doc wanted to see 130 or less) then did a 3 hr and I do have GD.


KLT - June 29

I went to see my PCP by referal of my OB/GYN this morning b/c of some fluttering in my chest that has yet to go away (been several months)....anyways, while I was there I asked her about the whole GD thing and the reading I got the otherday of 140. She looked it up and said I really shouldn't worry and that the doctors in the OB/GYN dept tend to get a little more worked up b/c theres a baby involved but that I"m fine. I told her what my diet consists of and she said I was eating completey right and to continue doing that. She suggested coming in another day to do the 1-hour glucose...after eating a low carb/sugar breakfast, so as to not skew the reading after drinking additional sugar. CaliTrish, I think you mentioned to me before that at each meal you get roughly 45 grams of carbs, right? But then, the morning intake should be a little less right?? And yes...I will totally try out your breakfast...thats my kinda food!!! : )


CaliTrish - June 29

Yeah, my carb intake for breakfast is only 30g (like my snacks) - 15g from the whole wheat tortilla & 15g from the cheese. No milk in the morning & juice is off limits. Did you find out what the chest flutters were?


cattac - June 29

wait...i have a question...i'm pregnant with my second. the first time around I was told to do the 1 hr first thing in the morning before you eat or drink I did and failed the one hr but pa__sed the three hour. this time I'm at a different doctor and they said to not eat or drink beforehand why do some people eat before their one hour and others dont?


KLT - June 30

CaliTrish - well they did an EKG and also checked for thyroid problems yesterday. My PCP said sometimes the thyroid can cause the fluttering... Anyways, the results all came back normal. So I still have no answers except that its "due to the pregnancy". You think I can drink my soy milk in the morning before the 1 hour test? Or should I just stick to water until after the test??


CaliTrish - June 30

Cattac, it would depend on what blood sugar reading your doc wants - fasting, postprandial, or random. KLT, dunno about soy milk - can't stand the stuff myself. The dietician only said that some woman have a difficult time breaking down the sugar in milk in the morning. Might check the nutrition facts for soy milk. If the carbohydrate/sugar content is high (>15g), you might want to skip it.


KLT - July 3

Just went for the 1-hour test. CaliTrish...I took your advice and had the whole wheat tortilla with cheese and added one veggie sausage pattie. Drank water. That orange soda stuff they gave was pretty tasty! But all the sugar made me dizzy. Will find out the results towards the end of the week. Thanks again for your help!! : )


cattac - July 5

hey calitrish...i guess apparently they want my fasting blood sugar...does anyone have any tips on anything to eat the night before or anything?


KLT - July 6

I'm just totally confused. Should I load up on carbs for the 3 hour test or not? I'm reading mixed answers from different and there. Some are saying I should load up to shock the system, others are saying to just eat as I normally do to ensure getting "my" normal results. What gives? I'm lost....



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