Getting Them To Sleep Through The Night

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Laura - July 21

Those who already have children....share your tricks? What are some good pieces of advice to start before they get older? Some say to wake them all the time to feed them and others say they will wake when they are hungry....what did you do or plan to do?


JLorenzo - July 21

Laura, for us it was simple. When Abby fused a little, we didn't run to her. She now knows (11 weeks old) that night time is for sleeping and she get between 9 & 11 hours of uninterrupted sleep. It was hard the first few nights, but it has paid off!


E - July 21

We add some rice cereal to his bottle b4 bedtime. It is 1 tsp rice cereal per 2 ounces of b___stmilk or formula. Pediatricians often use this method to stop reflux in young infants. Ask b4 you do this, of course. JLo - 9 - 11 hours of straight sleep is simply amazing! Aja sleeps for 5 hours max and wakes for mini feedings or some cheek kisses. The reason I notice is b/c he sleeps with us. It is possible that Abby wakes also, and falls back asleep without crying. Nice job:)


JLorenzo - July 21

Correct E, she probably does. Fortunately for us she can entertain herself, or so it seems.


MJM - July 21

I put my 1st on my schedule and plan on doing to same with the one on its way. Did the same with the bottles and rice cereal. Works great. I would put my daughter down for night time sleep at about 10:30 and would not hear from her until about 5-6 in the AM That was at 3 WEEKS old. I told one of my old friends to make sure to put her baby on her schedule. Well she didnt and may still be regretting it. His days were nights and nights were days to him. She battled this forever. She was being selfish in a way though, she was tired during the day so she slept when he did and at night her hubby would take care of the baby and be up all night. She was a stay at home mom and he worked a 60 hour a week job. Nice lady huh. Anyway that is that sorry so long.


Caution - July 25

Babies should not go 9-11 hours without eating.


Julie - July 26

Well when we first brought our baby home we made sure to feed him every 3-4 hours and if he was sleeping I would wake him up to feed him so that he would get on a schedule. He was sleeping through the night by 6 weeks. By 6 weeks his tummy is bigger and he'll be able to eat more.


karine - August 6

i never beleived in a child getting up to eat....we dont i let them fuss for the first few nights after the hospital...and they always slepted all their nights after...i would feed them last at around 10-11pm and get up at around 4-5am in the moring.


wtf!!!!!!! to karine - August 6

mentality at its finest. you dont believe that a newborn needs food every 2 hours? it isnt a belief but it is a reality. no newborn should go 5 - 7 hours without food. i am sure it was convenient for you to ignore the needs of your kid. got some extra sleep i bet.


OBE - August 7

If a baby needs to feed, they WILL tell you, they won't just lie there and suffer! If a baby is happy enough to sleep for 9 hours, it means they are satisfied!


G - August 7

Another good piece of advice, for getting them to sleep through, is to be a boring as possible at night. Keep lights dim, whilst feeding and changing. Keep noise to a minimum, try not to talk to much and when you do, speak very softly. Try not to make too much eye contact either, just cuddle them to rea__sure them. They soon learn that's it's not worth being awake at night because mommy and daddy won't play with them.



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