Girl Name Help Alexia Or Courtney

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Chrissy - March 10

I need help figuring out a girl name. We sort of like Alexia or Courtney. I like Callie also, but my husband hates it. Does anyone have any cute suggestions? I


Olivene - March 11

I like Courtney better than Alexia. I have met two Courtneys in my life. One was blonde, fair, light blue eyes, and one was a pretty green-eyed brunette. I think it works for whatever your baby will look like! I like Callie, too. Those husbands can be a pain,eh? I Also love Camille- Cammie or Cami- for short. How about Whitney? Good luck.


livdea - March 11

I like Alexia better then Courtney and I do like Camille too and Penelope...I kinda like the old fashioned names...I thought girls were supposed to be easy to name but I'm haivng a heck of a time!


kristie - March 11

Hi chrissy, if i had a girl i wanted to call her courtney to i like that name. I also like the names, clordia, kaylar, branda, karley angel, rose and yeh heaps more. when u decide on a name let us know good luck.


Lin - March 11

I like Alexia and Courtney both. Callie I'm not so fond of. Cammie leaves a bad taste, because the only Cammie I've ever known in my life was a bit of a skank.


AshleyB - March 11

I like Alexia and Alexis even better. Courtney is cute for a little girl, but it doesn't seem to suit middle aged or old women. I like Callie.


debbie2u - March 11

Why not name her Courtney Alexia + ur last name???


lisa - March 12

I like Debbie's idea...


falafal0 - March 12

I love Alexia...


clare - March 13

if i have a girl we are calling her isobell-daisy. out if the 2 i think alexia as courtney is quite popular now i prefer strange but nice names.


Krista - March 14

I like Alexia WAY better than Courtney....I actually love the name Alexa...without the "i" for a girl...I think calling her Lexi for short is SO cute. I also like Skylar (sky), Brooklyn, and Sierra (sese)


oz - March 16

I like Courtney. Here in Ausralia there was a show called Young Talent Time when i was growing up and there was a girl called Courtney on it so when ever i hear someone with that name it reminds me of her and i smile as i loved that show :)


Kaisa - March 16

I think those are both cute names. Here is a few I like. Malia, Malina, Julia, Madison, Ava, Ariel, Isabella, Alicia, Elle, Ella, Peyton, Paesha. My daughters name is Emaley!


redphoenixx10468 - March 17

What about combining Alexia and Callie.....Alexie or Allie?


em31 - March 17

I LOVE the name Courtney and there aren't that many. I know because I have a 2-year-old named Courtney and she's the only one at daycare. My daughter's name goes perfect with her last name too so that was a deal-sealer for me.


Brittany - March 17

I like Courtney Alexia, it's pretty. My hubby hates all my girl name suggestions, we're thinking about naming our daughter Summer, thats the only name he likes.



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