Girl Name What Does Everybody Think

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kd - May 8

hi, what do you think about naming a girl Keara or is that just to weird? also know any middle names to go with that? thanks


Lacy - May 8

I like it.


dm - May 8

i like it. my daughters name is kaden and i was thinking if i had another girl i would name her keara.


Lissi - May 8

I think it's nice. Nothing weird about it.


Maleficent - May 9

it's not my taste but it's a good name. it would sound really cute with a single syllable middle name. Keara Liegh, Keara Grace, Keara Lynn.... since the first name is little off the beaten path i'd lean towards something more common for a middle name. good luck!


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 9

I think it's a pretty name. Keara Grace sounds sweet. :o)


mckaylaleigh - May 9

Do you pronounce it Ki Are rA? or Kee air ra? Both are pretty but the first one makes me think of I think it is Lion King... :)


kd - May 9

thanks everyone, i am glad that ya'll don't think it's weird. my husband came up with the name but i'm like maleficent i thought it was a little off the beaten path too. i was worried that other kids would make fun of it but i feel better now. thanks everyone. now i just have to find something normal sounding to go with it. lol


April - May 9

I like the name Keara.. it's pretty... my sister almost named her daughter that... I also know someone named Keana and I always thought her name was pretty too...


kd - May 9

anyone else like or dislike this name?


P - May 9

I'm the odd one out, I don't care for it all that much. There's a lot of people around where I live (Toronto, Canada area) that have gone crazy with the "K" names. Kaitlyn's, Karly's, Kaley's and Keira's up the yin yang. If you're worried about weird though, it's not at all weird to me; think Keira Knightly. I you want it pronounced Kee-air-a I'd switch the "e" to an "i".


theresa - May 9

it sounds like a black name


To theresa - May 9

It's not a black name! It's Irish and very common! How do you know she isn't black anyways???


P - May 9

So what's your point theresa?


To theresa - May 9

What a STUPID remark. Why don't you just keep quiet instead of sticking your big ugly foot in your mouth. You're so living in the past........


~kat~ - May 10

i love that name.....


viv - May 10

to theresa....that was a very stupid remark...there's no such thing as a black name or a white name or any of that anymore! to kd....I really like the name are you going to pronounce it? I like the not so common boyfriend likes the simpler names like Jessica and Sarah....I really like Keara....I like Keara Lynn...of course my middle name is Lynn too so I am partial to that name :o)



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