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krista-lee - May 30

hey everyone! im 40w4d today and for some reason i decided i didnt really want the baby name i picked out anymore! we're not sure if its a boy or a girl, but we have Logan as our boys name no matter what. I Had Emmy for a girl and now i just... dont like it much? so if you guys can im looking for an UNCOMMON name thats not too weird. nothing like Sara, Jessica, Sahara, Zahimir. Help!!


soimpatient - May 30

I saw someone on here post the name Taviur...I don't really like that name but I like Tavie for a girl...I think its cute.


HannahBaby - May 30

Hannah....its a beautiful name! :o)


kelley32 - May 30

Here are some that are on my list ... Abigail, Cadence, Cheyenne, Emmaline, Fannie, Lilly, Meadow, Mya, Madison, Nelia, Sadie, Scarlett, Shelby, Sophie, Willow ... btw, I really like Emmy, there's always Emma, and you could call her Emmy as a cutesie name ... good luck, I hope you go into labor soon!!!


dedaa - May 30

Well we thought we were going to have a girl so we had a couple names picked out there was Destiny, Mackenna, and Cally. I l really like the last two though they are my favorites good luck.


mcatherine - May 30

McKenna, Savannah, Rae, Alexandria, Victoria, Talon, and Madeline.


CyndiG - May 30

Why not name her Logan? I think that's adorable for a girl!


tritty - May 30

I think Avery and Sydney are cute too.


jnine29 - May 30

what about cynthia its a nice cute girls name


Rhonda - May 31

I named my little girl Chloe Skye.I think Shantel is beautiful.Or Sereneity.Ta__sie is cute.Chandlyn,is cute as well.


mom2b72 - May 31

I had the name Michaela picked out for a girl...but we're having a boy!!


sophandbob - May 31

Do what my friends dad did - he watched to rolling credits for tv shows to get a variety of baby names, instead of looking in a book. Or maybe trace yoour ancestry, there might be an rarely used now, but not weird name in there. We've picked Tristan for a boy. Not common now, but not odd either. Emmy does sound a little bit like an award, but maybe use it to generate something smiliar - Emily perhaps?


Newhoneybuns - May 31

i'm having a girl too and i chose Dorianne Krystel so if you like any of those 2 you can take it also :)


LILMAMA - May 31



annie24 - May 31

hi if i have a girl she will be called Ava i have james for a boy....maybe a bit old fashioned!!


mandee25 - May 31

I like Emma, Gracie, Ruthie, Alyssa, Allie, Joy, Anna Claire.........


soimpatient - May 31

Ok..I'm with CyndiG...I think Logan for a girl would be really cute!



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