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soimpatient - May 31

Ok..I'm with CyndiG...I think Logan for a girl would be really cute!


sara b - May 31

krista-lee did you have your baby? I would imagine your getting close if not. I named my daughter Gemma. Its Italian for valuable gem. Not very common state-side. I had a few friends from England by that name and just loved it. Best wishes.


aly - June 1

im having a girl also and i really like the name Kylie! taylor, rylie, hailie, jordan, aubri, and callie are some other of my favorites!


jal239 - June 1

I like Morgan, Isabella(Bella) or even Chase for a girl. Chase can be a girl or boys name. My girlfriend just had a girl and named her Jordan. Good Luck w/ your name search.


Soontobemom - June 1

I have chosen Brennah for my daughter's name. I have always liked Hannah and Emma so I decided to go a little more odd but in the same idea. My cousins have just had daughters also and they named their's Eden, Avery and Brynn. My name is Marissa.


Lala - June 1

I like Avary (same as Avery--but can shorten to Ava) with Claire for a middle name. If I'm having a girl, I think that'll be her name. Avary Claire.


krista-lee - June 1

sara b - no i haveny had my baby yet, 41 weeks tomorrow! and thanks everyone! keep em commin! im writing them all down and crossing em off one by one lol


Kristin72 - June 1

I'm partial to Kristin or Kameron..but Kristin is my own name and Kameron was the name I wanted to chose but has now been taken by my brother for his that cancels out that. :)


Kristin72 - June 1

P.S. I like masculine sounding names for girls too..Hunter, Brennan, Kinnon, Taylor..also Sienna which is feminine ;)


Corrine321 - June 1

Well were naming our little girl Brooklynn but heres a few we thought of before... Hannah, Alexia, Kaydence, Madison, Mckenna! Well theres a few!! Good luck with everything!! Hope your baby comes soon, make sure you keep us posted!!


Olivene - June 2

Don't go with Emily! It's the most popular name of the last few years! Hannah is up there, too. For something a little more unusual,how about Kendra, Kori, Lana, Leeanna/Liana, Carlie, Mara, Annabella, Meara, Mirabella, Suzanne, Trina, Valerie, Mallory, Vanessa, Veronica?


sophandbob - June 2

It may be popular but Emily is a lovely name!!! It is my little sisters name (she's 21) and my middle name! Our baby was going to be called Katie Eloise Rose, but he's not a she!! I also quite like the name Chloe. maybe look to song lyrics? Thats where we got Eloise from.


les22 - June 2

i liked sophia for a girl and kai for a boy, but my parents cat is called sophie and next doors dog is called kaiya so it would be a bit weird. kelley32, fannie is a slang term for a ladys bits in the uk. its a nice name though.


kimholl28 - June 2

Haylie, Brooke, Brooklyn, Kylie, Madison(common) Hannah, Kaylie, Kayla.


lexa - June 2

Well, if we have a girl, we are going to name her Raine Caitlin. Originally, we liked Victoria Raine. Also, Jensen is cute and original for a girl. I also like Mikayla. Good luck!


Carragh - June 2

My daughters name is Zoe Beth...I also love Madeline.



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