Girl Names I Know I Know

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amb - November 15

okay i KNOW yall are so tired of answering name questions but im at a total loss. i got a boy name but turns out we are having another girl!!! here is my list and i would appreicate it if yall could name your top 10 picks so i have a list to take home to my DH!!! thanks so much in advance!! marleigh, kalea, raena, kendall, reagan, teigan, natania, kaiya, nyla, tatum, eliana, katiana, shaylin, kyleigh (kylee), karlie, karrah, avery, raleigh, kelsea, kienna, rheanna


AA - November 15

Wow, that's alot of names. I like Kendall, Kyleigh, and Kelsea


amb - November 15

lol yes it is a long list, i cant narrow it down so i figured id get a list from everyone here so i can go home and show my dh. he likes trinity and i really dont want that name so i gotta get him away from that one LOL


Beth S - November 15

ive always loved the name Tatum


beth b. - November 15

I have to be honest...I don't really care for any of them. Tatum is the best of the bunch. They seem a little trailor trashy.


amb - November 15

trailor trashy??? seriously if you didnt like them thats fine but keep your rude comments to yourself!


Charlene - November 15

I like Kaylee out of all of them. It's hard thing to pick isn't it?


kim - November 15

hey, those are very cute names! i like Reagan, i know a reagan, i also know a Keagan (kaygan), too! i love karlie, thats cute, i like Karrah, also. some names i wanted to throw out to you that I like are Kenna, Juliette, Kiera, Cayla, and....thats all I can think of. Well good luck!


parker - November 15

parker for a girl. I was going to name mine Parker Regan whether it was a boy or girl.


HH - November 15

I like Kendall, Reagan, Marleigh, Avery, Karlie, and Nyla.


lots of names... - November 15

You've got some really pretty names on your list.. my faves are: Teigan, Kienna, Shaylin, Kalea, Raena. My cousin named her daughter Nyla, but it always reminds me of the dog chew toy called Nyla-bone. *grin*


no offense - November 15

i thought avery was a boy name? may be wrong though because so many names are become unis_x. hmmmmm. i still think they are all pretty though. ;o)


Eryn - November 15

I like Tatum.


belle - November 16

I like Reyna, it is my niece's name and I have always liked it.


Kerry - November 16

Definitely Tatum !! Do you mind if I suggest it to my husband......?x


Jamie - November 16

Raena; Teigan; Natania; Eliana; Katiana; Kyleigh; and then I'd like to add to your list - Tatiana.


Lisa - November 16

I'm not really liking any of them; I'm really sorry. But the one I do like the most out of all them is Kyleigh.



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