Girl S Middle Name Question

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Olivene - June 23

What do you think of Pearl as a middle name? Too old-fashioned? I love the jewel! My second choice is using that- Jewel- as a middle name. Tell me what you think of both! Thanks.


KLT - June 23

Whats the first name?? I like Pearl over Jewel though...


Olivene - June 23

I don't want to say the first name. I know it is silly, but I don't want it to catch on! : )


Kristin72 - June 23

I think Jewel sound great!


jenrodel - June 23

I like Pearl, but that could be because I am obsessed with Pearl Jam lol.


Rhonda - June 23

I like Jewel better.


lexa - June 23

I like Jewel, but it depends on the first name. I'm taking that either name fits with the first.


Olivene - June 24

Both names go! Unfortunately Hubby doesn't like either- only Claire or Jane. I also like Belle. What about that one?


Kristin72 - June 24

I much prefer Jewel over Jane or Claire.


lexa - June 24

I like Jewel but I also love the name Belle!


Joelle - July 5

If you like Belle what about Bella i think Bella is so cute


faith2 - July 5

I like jewel and pearl better than the other options. If you want something different you should go with Jewel. If you want something a little more common then I would pick Pearl. It is an older name but who cares.. if you like it go with it. My grandmothers name is Pearl and my aunt gave my younger cousin that name as a middle name. She's only 11 and she likes her name.


jas - July 6

Jewel isn't different... She's a singer and the name is more common then you think. (My name is Julie and Jewel has been my nick name for as long as I can remember given to me by my father) I like both, but if you are wanting to be original - digging up an old fashioned name like Pearl is a great idea.


clare - July 7

hiya i prefer pearl. if we have a girl we are calling her isabelle-daisy. we thought isabelle cus you can shorten it a few different ways and daisy is my great grans name.


Kelly K1187 - July 7

Whats the first name gonna be?


Kelly K1187 - July 7

well...if ur not sayin the first name...i like jewel the best!


kristie h - July 7

I like the name jewel



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