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Nanette - November 9

Jane. Do you think it is TOO simple? We have a very common last name. We would give her amore dramatic middle name. My best friend says it a "tragic" name- any thoughts on that? We love the old-fashioned charm to it, but I don't love "Janie." Opinions please, fire away!


erin - November 9

Jane is a very pretty name and not very common, I don't think, at least not for a first name. I don't think it's "tragic". Unless you call her Janie, probably no one else will.


K - November 9

I like it! As long as her last name isn't Doe ;) lol


Amanda - November 9

I have a very common name and I am dating a guy "Ryan" with a very common name its the people we are that dont make us common, I say if you really like the name then go for it


Likes it - November 9

Jane is very cute! I have heard some "tragic" names before, but this is not one of them!


simone - November 9

it's the common names that are sometimes unusual these days. some would say plain jane...i personally really would rather janie than jane, i think that jane is very bland sounding. you should name your child what you love...not what others think is cute or not.


Us - November 9

Jane is a perfect name , I don't think it's cute but probably the most universal name . We were going to take it a step further if we had a girl and call her Mary-Jane (MJ) crazy huh lol


carmen - November 10

I love the name Jane. I have a friend with this name that is absolutley beautiful and sweet. I would definitley use the name. But does anyone else find that one syllable names are difficult to find middle names for? That's what we are having trouble with!


kris A. - November 10

little girls almost always add an ie onto their (or their friends names) my Kate is now Katie, the others already had "ie" at the end of their names... and even names you dont think will get butchered do, my oldest daughter, Chelsea, is called Cha-Chi. A little girl tagged her with it when she was a baby and it stuck. You know what, she is 15 and loves it! Her friends hear it for the first time, laugh their b___ts off, and BAM! Cha-Chi it is! Sad to say, but she's cute and outgoing and loves the attention. So why fight it - name your daughter the name you love, and be happy! The kids will a__sume nicknames no matter what name you give em...


hmm. - November 10

Jane? I am having a hard time deciding what I think about it really. It is very plain like plain jane ! I just don't know, I wouldn't name my daughter that but I'm not sure if i'd be grossed out by calling another kid that or not. I think Joan is a bit nicer than Jane but really it's whatever you and your husband like b/c when you go getting opinions on names your always going to get half who like it and half who don't, so you're really no better off than when you started. It's not horrindous anyways, if you and your dh like it go for it! Good Luck.


belle - November 10

I LOVE the name Jane. Unfortunately my last name is Roe so I can't use it. Not only does it sound like Jane Doe, but Jane Roe was the name used for the lady in the Roe v. Wade case. Being that I am pro-life it would hardly be appropriate for my baby! =)


kb - November 10

Jane. I know 2 Janes and both of them hate their name. They think it's too plain and they get called plain Jane a LOT. But if you like it, then name her that, because with all those crazy, unusual names being the norm these days, Jane will no longer be plain and will be more unusual than the so called unusual names everyone is using these days! Does that make sense?? I hope so.


shawna - November 10

How about using Jane as a middle name. What do you think of Hannah Jane?


Nanette - November 11

Jane is a family name for me, but I do worry about the plain Jane bit. If not a first name, it will be a middle name. If a first name, we will use something like Jane Alexandra or something with some zest. Thanks for all of your opinions. Hmmm, I have to say, I don't love Joan! Love, Cha-chi! I guess, we just have to deccide and let the chips fall where they may. Maybe we should go with Jane-Michelle or something hyphenated as a first name. What do you think of hyphens?


Annette - November 11

Nanette, in these days when ALL girls are named Mackenzies, Dakotas and Briannas, Jane makes an original, uncomplicated and always feminine option. Go for it!


Nanette - November 12

Thanks Annette!! That's kind of what we were thinking! It is a name that sounds equally good on a grown up as it does on kindergartener, I think. Carmen, what one syllable name are you considering? Maybe we can help?


Annette - November 12

Nanette, before knowing the s_x of my baby everyone asked about the name we had picked; when I told them our choice in case it was a girl, everyone made disgusted/horrified faces and comments like "WHY?" (because I hate my baby, I suppose!) "why don´t you name her ____, instead?" (everybody thinks they have the BEST name for YOUR baby) or plainly "mmmmmm" . OH, and my best friends and parents and sisters were the first ones to critisize and try to make me change my mind, to the point where I stopped telling people and just saying we were not decided yet. Anyway, I am having a boy and things aren´t much different, except that when they ask why that name I reply "because we like it, period". We chose Carl and you can imagine, just like you with Jane, people tell us "it´s too simple". And since my cousin has a girl name Karla, according to god-knows-who, looks like the name is taken forever in the family and I can´t name my son Carl because it´s not "original"!!! JANE is a beautiful name and will combine great with any other second name you pick (and most likely like we all do, she will hate it at any given point of her life!). God bless you all , mommies and babies.



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