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kez! - November 17

we are having a baby girl due in 5 days we have 2 boys and would like a real girlie name for her but we cant find 1 we can agree on can any1 help?


Shannon - November 17

Aaralyn, Audrey, McKenna, Caleigh.


steeler fan - November 17

Gabrielle Hannah Hailey Victoria Savannah Lilly Apple? Cocoa? (kidding haha)


steeler fan - November 17

It was suppose to read Victoria not Vic-toria and I was only kidding about Apple and Cocoa.


rain - November 17

Lacey,Caitlyn,Carly,Hailey,Kayleigh, Megan,Molly,Sophie,Steph,Natalie, Bethany thats all i can think off lol i need help on boys names :(


E - November 17

Do you like Ava or Eva? Men always say it is sultry and feminine. I will name my future daughter Eva Sofia.


mummy of two?? - November 17

I really like Zarli, Chloe, Zoe, Hailee, Sophie. Wishing you all the best.


Desarae - November 17

Hello how bout Taylor-Marie, Alexia, Kira, Ashley, Calley-Hope, Tara, Aurora hope those give u an idea let everyone know what u decide to name her we all would love to know


Ashley - November 18

Well just my opinions............. I really like Emma, and Cienna good luck!


kez! - November 18

thank u 4 all your ideas there is some lovely names is just deciding on 1 of them........


Donna - November 18

i thought its easy to name girls theres so much choice..boys have plain names and there all boring


JULIE - November 18



Ann - November 18

I have always loved Olivia for a girl....there is just something about it :)


Dez - November 18

Anastasia, Jaylene, Janine, Alina, Jasmin


amber - November 18

Krista, Callie, Serenity, Sierra, Selena, Amanda, Tiffany, Kristen, Hope, Faith, Emily, Julia... cant think of any more at this moment.... we are naming our daughter Nicholette Helen-Marie


rose - November 20

lillianna rose, lillian rose


Leanne - November 20

I like Emma and Elise and Rebekah



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