Giving A Perm While Pregnant

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Barret - February 6

I just found out that I am pregnant after 5 years of trying!!! Yeah!!! My cousin has asked me to give her a perm this week. I don't want to tell her my news yet, but I'm worried about inhaling the fumes and touching the chemicals with my hands. Is it safe, or should I just tell her that I would be more comfortable if someone else did her hair? I don't want to do anything to jeapordize this pregnancy, because it may be my only chance.


Steph - February 6

Make sure that you are in a well ventilated room and you should be fine. Congrats on your pregnancy!


Bebita_Linda - February 6

i dont think u should do it the chemical are to strong


sye - February 6

i would ask your doctor but me personally, i wouldn't do it just to be on the safe side... you never know what can go wrong and after 5 years of trying, i wouldn't take chances


SarahB - February 6

Hi Barrett Im a hair stylist and I actually gave someone a perm before I knew I was pg. I think it is really up to you as to whether you do it or not. So far I am fine and Im 27 weeks now. The only thing that bothered me was the smells making me sick. Hope that helps. Good luck.


Been There - February 6

You should not touch the chemicals with your hands anyway. But, if it makes you feel better, you can wait until after 12 weeks. I've seen lots of hair stylists give perms while pregnant and lots of women still getting them. Their children are all healthy. I think the fumes can make you feel ill if you don't get enough air.


McKitt - February 6

So does this mean Bebita_Linda thinks that those of us that work in the salon industry for a living should just STOP working? (Imagine if her stylist got pregnant! GASP!!!) Not necessary. I know several ladies, myself included, that have worked in a salon, giving perms/color & applying acrylic nails DAILY & all the way through their pregnancies. And believe it or not … each & every one of our babies are just fine. Ask your doctor but I’ll bet anything that he/she is OK with it.



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