Giving Birth Outside The U S

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~SB~ - April 12

My name is Shannon and I am 21 and my husband and I are moving to Belgium in 9 months (he's in the Air Force). We want to start trying to have a baby when we get there but I'm very concerned about the quality of thier healthcare. I know nothing about where I'm going as of right now and no idea what to expect. We will not be living near a well established base and no medical care will be provided to us by the military. Has anyone experienced birth in another country? Being away from my family will be hard enough without the added stress of not knowing what to expect. I thought about coming home for my last trimester but the more I think about it the less possible it seems. If you have any advice about Europe in general please share!


X - April 12

I'm in Denmark, which is in Europe. i can only tell you that they have great health care over here, too. If you're really concerned, read up about Belgium online. Belgium is an EU member country with EUR as it's currency ( currently worth more than the USD). It's a modern country with facilities and ordinance accepted by the European union. This should give you some peace of mind :). But please read up about the country. It may be different (language, for ex.) but could be more advanced than the US in many ways as well. Might surprise you. G'luck! and see ya around in this side of the woods :)


Petra - April 12

Belgium is not a third world country.. I could almost be offended... and I am not even from Belgium. ..I do live in Holland and healthcare is great overhere... Belgium is even better than Holland. I know this because I have family there. My father has been in a hospital in Belgium and he was very pleased how they treated him. Good luck...


kenya mama - April 12

I was born in a 3rd world country and my Mom said that wasn't bad at all. The Drs were very attentive and helpful. She was in a facility that had houses owned by the hospital where she was allowed to stay for as long as she wanted. In general, you will find that Europe has very advanced health care. I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised. Like, "X" said, though. I would encourage you to read up on everything. Good luck!


tiffani - April 12

I have no idea about your original question, but i'm b__wn away by the fact that the military will not provide any medical care. My best friend in high school was stationed in Beligum (her dad was also Air Force) and she was always talking about how much she loved it there. Why won't you be stationed near an established base? Where will your hubby be working, if not on base?


lol - April 12

@ Tiffani maybe all of that is TOP SECRET! Anyway ~SB~ I really envy you! I'd take a few months to get to know the place--have a little fun before getting "serious" :) -- then decide if I still wanted to do it there. I'm so excited for you! Do read up on the country, its healthcare system and take an open mind. Prepare to do something more Americans need to do -- get outside the box!


~SB~ - April 12

Thanks so much for all of your input...I'm from Georgia and have never been anywhere else so that is why I am so concerned...also I didnt mean "almost offend" you petra. I do have a few other questions...are there dishwashers in most of the standard homes? I really dont think I could live without one. And to Tiffani...the military will PAY for my medical treatment..I just wont receive the treatment from a base hospital or medical center. We will be living off of the Belgian economy. There is a more established base about 30 mins. away from where we will be and an even larger one an hour and a half away in Germany. I have had a hard time researching housing over there...our base will not provide housing so we will be renting a "flat". I'm just nervous about leaving home for the first time! I guess I should try to lose the southern accent before hand...or people will REALLY know I'm out of place!


~SB~ - April 12

We will be stationed there for 4 years...


PP - April 12

My husband is also in the Air Force. I know how worried you must be. I would stay in BAQ for the 30 days allotted that way you will have time to look at housing. Also if you call the base that is 30 minutes away and talk with their housing office they will help you with off base housing. I wish you the best of luck and God Bless. Also talk with family support on that base.


tiffani - April 12

~SB~ It's going to be a wonderful experience for you. Just think of how much you'll get to do and see. We were stationed in Okinawa, Japan when I was 12 years old. I learned and saw so much while we were over there. We traveled to China, Thailand Taiwan, Korea, and the Phillipines. While you do long to be back in the states (there's no place like home) when you're there, looking back, I wish I could do it all over again. How many people do you know who have been to Belgium? I have always wanted to go to Europe, and one day I will. I'm jealous of your opportunity. Once you get there, i'm a__suming you'll live on a base at some sort of temporary living quarters. If that's the case, they will provide you with tons of info about Belgium, as well as the support systems set up for people in your situations. I'm sure you'll find a military wives group while you're there as well. Reach out to them for support, they're feeling the same as you are. And don't forget, we're just a email away here. :o)


~SB~ - April 12

Tiffani...I dont know anyone in Belgium, but my friend and her husband are going to Germany and they will be about 2 hours away from us...we also have some friends who will be stationed in Italy...we are all moving over there at around the same time so it shoud be fun.


tiffani - April 12

That's awesome that you'll have friends over there. A friend 2 hours away, that's great! 2 hours is nothing. You're gonna be fine. Again, i'm jealous. :o)


Fabienne - April 12

SB - be not afraid. I'm from Europe, France to be exact, and you'll be fine. We have good healthcare, good doctors etc... I'm also going to give birth in a foreign country: the USA ! and I have the same feelings as you do ! I don't know what to expect - It's normal... Let's try to relax and enjoy our little one coming into the world :)


~SB~ - April 12

Fabienne, are there dishwashers in France? I know I probably sound dumb for asking but seriously...I have no idea what you guys have that we dont.


Eurowoman - April 12

Hehe. We have all you've got and more. Welcome to Europe!!


Jamie - April 13

I'm in Germany - both hubby and I are active duty Army; the health care I've gotten has been really good - the only complaint I have so far is they've only done 1 u/s, and I'm nearly 6 months along. But, I asked for another u/s, and they said "Sure, no problem" - so...I'm perfectly satisfied. Oh, and you CAN get medical care through the military, even if you're not near an established base - you just have to be willing to travel.


Brooke - May 5

I know how you feel. I am 24 years old. I´m Australian and I married a Mexican and am living here in Mexico. We have been trying to have a baby for over 2 years now and no luck, but the thing that worries me the most is when I finally do fall pregnant I will have to rely on the medical system here. It is really horrible and I live in a town right on the south border of Mex and Guatemala. My hubby says that if we have the money we can go back to Australia, but I really can´t see that happening since we just got back from holidaying over there. If not he says that further north there are really good hospitals, but I really do feel scared about it.



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