Giving Up Hopes To 1 Neg Hpt Please Please Read

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JN - December 20

Hi, i know this is long...but please give me 3 min. of your time. My husband and i have been trying to get pregnant since the beginning of november till now.(Dec. 20,2004). Since the first week of november (after my last normal period) til now, my husband had c_mmed in me 18 times. Over this weekend, i had taken an hpt i got from the grocery store. I took it at 2 in the morning to find neg. results. I know that people are going to say.." if its neg. then your not.", But my question is we have been having s_x all this weekend and he c_mmed in me like 4 times the day b4 i took the test. So is that why it was negative? Should i get another test? And should i get a digital test? I have seen posts on here that digital tests are better and give the actual accurate results. Also, i had spotted earlier this month for 3 days. it was very light...and i have not had a normal period since the first week of november! Thanks and please leave posts to help me ASAP!!!!


t - December 20

try again in another week if your period still hasn't come. I know these tests all say that you can test before your period, but I would suggest you wait until a week after your period was due. You can always take a blood test for more accurate results...HPT's aren't always 100%. And no, your husband's sperm wouldn't affect the results. Good Luck


jn - December 20

Thank you t. Should i go digital? Or what is the best test to get?


Christine - December 21

I've always gone with the cheapest as well...another good hint...dont take the test at 2 in the time to take it is when you wake up...if you were up till 2 chances are you were drinking all day and this could mess up the test...dont give takes time for some and can be depressing, but keep doesnt always happen the first time...and the amount of times he c_ms in you does not make it more probable its the "time" of the month that you try...the day before ovulation I hear is the best well as during ovulation...I also heard that having s_x every other day increases your chances in concieving as well


JN - December 21

Thank you so much t and christine! Im feeling A lot better after reading your postings. My period usualy comes about the very end of the month to the first week of the month. When would be the best time to take a test? Please keep in touch! Thank you! You guys are the best! : )


t - December 21

Well, if your period's not due until after XMAS, wait at least until the 7th or therabouts. OR you can go to the Dollar tree (if they have one wherever you are) and pick up a whole bunch of tests for $1! Or you can always go to the Dr and get a blood test done, those are pretty accurate. :)


Christine - December 22

Your welcome...and yes I agree with t...I got my tests from the dollar store for $1 as well...luckily my first one was positive..but I bought a couple anyways..cant go wrong for a buck...good luck


Jn - December 22

Thank you so much t and christine for taking your time to help me. You have no idea how much this means to my husband and I. I do have a Dollar Tree in the mall here a few minutes away from me. We happen to have alot of them here in Michigan lol. So ill take a test around the 7th of january. I havent decided on the Dollar Tree brand or the digital. I guess ill try both and see what happens! Im so excited though! We have been waiting for this for a very long time! What do you think our chances of being PG are? We tried every other day or at least 3 or 4 times a week. Please keep in touch!


t - December 22

As I recall, you have a 1 in 5 chance of a successful conception if you have s_x on or around ovulation. That being said, every time I had s_x on or around day 14 of my cycle, I got knocked up! :) My twins were a shocker since I was told I couldn't get PG naturally (PID, too much scarring), and we call our youngest our little "party favor", lol. I am waiting to see if AF shows up this month, since it was really light last month and despite 7 negative dollar tree tests I still feel a little "funny". If I am expecting again I swear my husband is getting the old snip-a-roo! Lots of dollar stores here in Las Vegas, too!


Jn - December 22

Lol...I was out by Las Vegas over the summer with my family. We love it out west. As a matter of uncle is moving out to Montana and my father and mother might go to! We really hope that we are pregnant though! It's so cute just thinking about when the baby is born, we can look at our child and call our child our "little creation". We have been waiting for so long that we already have our names. We picked out Haley Jasmine, Madison Ray, Justin Scott and Nathan Michael.I know what you mean by feeling "funny". Lately I been peeing like a race horse and eating so much. I cant even sleep at night. Yesterday I even got sick! (Yuck!) lol. My stomach looks like its getting bigger...not so much harder though. But yeah...what are some signs i would have if I was PG, and when would they be???


t - December 22

fatigue, missing a period, some women have really fast hair growth (never happened to me, lol)some women get nausea 2-6 weeks after conception, and occasionally cramps. Of course, a lot of this is PMS, too, so what can you do? :) How's the weather in Michigan? It's been really warm this week, about 60 degrees. The snow in the mountains is already slush, sigh.


t - December 22

P.S. There are SO MANY Haleys out there! Not as many Madisons...:)



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