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Help! - April 18

Has anybody heard/read from a Dr. when it is safe to have a glass of wine? I know that they say later in pregnancy, an occasional glass is ok, but I am curious when you can have it and how often. Anybody know? Just curious.


Jenn... - April 18

Some doctors say yes and some say no... I myself never felt right drinking throughout my pregnancy, even just a gla__s. I have read articles saying it is safe after the 1st trimester to have gla__s every now and again. However, I have also read articles regarding Fetal Alchohol Syndrome that say it is unknown if this small amount of alchohol is harmful, in my opinion it is just best to avoid the minimal risk that it may be.


Jena - April 18

I agree. It's not worth it because although different studies say different things, you don't want your baby to have 9 toes... just to be on the safe side, I wouldn't drink at all...


Rachel* - April 18

I'm 17 weeks along and just asked my doctor about this last week when I was having my monthy prenatal checkup. He said to go ahead and told me not to feel guilty about it. I look at it this way, all of our mothers didn't have as many pregnancy rules as we do today and we turned out fine. Of course, I am not saying to tune out all of the health recommendations, but an occasional gla__s of wine should not be a problem whatsoever.


Karen - April 18

Help! I think that this is an individual decision to make. If you feel confortable with an occasional gla__s then I think your ok. If however your unconfortable then dont. Like what Rachael said our parents did not have all these rules and were fine. I sure we were exposed to a lot of things that are difiantely a no no now. I know a women who has 5 wonderful kids and drank durning all pregnancies, trust me her kids are as normal as can be. I personnal think that occasionally( just like junk food) is fine. Now I would say no no to 3 -5 gla__ses every day Other alcholic beverages I would say no too also. One I have tried is mixing sprite with my wine to dilute it a bit and drinking some water. Everything in moderation. Best of luck


Question to ME!!! - April 18

Are you ??? in disguise? It's just that we haven't heard from her today.


Lovely - April 18

As a woman with strong European blood, I can't help but wonder how all those European babies come out just fine, when red wine is drank at every meal. Hmmmm?


Leahp - April 19

I just found out from my mother that she drank four beers a week with me, but that was before they were so a___l about allowing you to enjoy anything! I have turned out fine and actually been the easy child on my parents compared to my brothers! She is always telling me to relax and just have a gla__s of wine, it's not a biggie! It's all about moderation!


Foxy - April 19

I avoided alchohol completely in my first trimester, but now I sometimes drink a bit with my sunday lunch. I have half a gla__s of red topped up with water. It's just enough to give me a treat but not make me feel too guilty. Opinion is divided on whether it's safe, but most doctors say it's fine in moderation after the first 3 months.


Help! - April 19

Thank you all for your help on this! Me - everyone has a right to their own opinion. If you don't agree with a question that somebody is asking that is fine, but extremely inappropriate to call people names. Thank you all!!!


BBK - April 19

I don't mean to get anyone worried, but latest studies from Scotland reveal that even small amounts of alcohol can affect fetal development. If you must have it, I'd say have it as little as possible.


tiffani~ edd 11/07/05 - April 19

My doctor actually recommends one to help you relax before an amnio, so take from that what you will.


KellyB - April 19

I have chosen to abstain from alcohol during my pregnancy, as has my husband! I have just lost interest. But there is not a women that I know, that had a child, that didn't have a drink the week of their due date--even their doctor recommended it! And let me tell you, if I reach 40 weeks, in the middle of the summer, and I am sitting there stressing waiting, you can bet your a__s that i am going to have a drink! It hardly makes me horrible mom for having one drink during my entire pregnancy with my doctor's blessing I have done everything by the book to date. I have known plenty of people that have had an occa__sional drink while prego and it's not my place to say anything! P.S. they all have beautiful healthy children ;)


star - April 19

If the opinion is "divided" on the safety of wine during pregnancy, why would anyone opt to a__sume it is safe, instead of potentially unsafe? How sad that so many of you choose to take the risk.


star - April 19

Oh, and for the docs that recommend alcohol while pregnant... Do you have any idea how many docs pa__sed med school by the thread of a hair? Maybe you unknowingly chose one of those as your physician.


Foxy - April 19

Opinion is also divided on whether it's ok to eat nuts whilst pregnant because it may cause your child to have a nut allergy, but plenty of people ignore that.


T - April 19

No offence, but when it comes to my baby's health, I'd much rather take the opinion of anyone who has pa__sed through med school than most of the women on this site.



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