Glucose Screen Test

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CK - January 20

I am 27 weeks pregnant and just had my 1 hour glucose screen on the weekend. My doctor phoned yesterday to tell me i failed and have to take the 3 hr test this weekend. My question is has anyone else failed the 1hr then go on to pass the 3hr test? I'm worrying myself like crazy!!! Should i be exercising a lot for the next two days? Will that make a difference? I DO NOT want to have GD!! Thanks!!


tiffany - January 24

i failed in my first pregancy 3 years ago i went back for the 3 hr and pa__sed i just had high blood sugar . i am now 32 weeks going for the sugar test again tried to get out of it and couldnt. just take it easy drink lots of water after its all done eat a good protien meal before. you should drink lots of water on a regular bases that helps me when i feel like my blood sugar is going high. best of luck!!!!


ttdoc - January 25

I failed mine so bad that dr didn' give me a 3 hour. I went right to endocrinologist for gestational diabetes treatment (needed insulin.) But yes, people have failed 1 & pa__sed the other. Also, even if you fail the 3 hr & (most likely) are diagnosed w/gest. diab., it is easy to control. Most women just need to monitor their diets closely and a small percentage (like me) needed insulin. It almost always disappears within hours of delivery, although you may be at increased risk of regular diab. later in life. As far as having GD, you either do or you don't. My MIL had a big prob w/me having to inject myself w/insulin 3 times a day, but, hey, whatever is good for the baby. I had it w/both my girls & they are healthy & happy.


Tasha - January 26

I have known several people that failed the 1 hour test and pa__sed the 3 hour test. The 1 hour test is not always accurate which is why they give you the 3 hour test to make sure you really do have GD and it is not a mistake. There is still a chance you will have GD though. Trust me, if you do have it, you need to know. It will prevent problems with you and your baby to take care of it now. Good luck with your next test! ~26 wks and 3 days preg.~


Amanda N - January 26

I failed my 1 hour and took a 3 hr the next week and pa__sed. Doc said after that one everything looked great. Don't worry yourself. It's not good to stress out. Trust me...I have had complication after complication and when they said I needed the 3 hr I started to freak but it doesn't do any good, I have learned that as well!! Wish you the best!!


Bigbelly#2 - January 26

With my first pregnancy, I, too, failed my one hour test and then pa__sed the 3 hour. I think the 3 hour must give them a better idea of the whole situation. This pregnancy, I pa__sed my first one hour and my second one things are better this time evidently. Don't worry too much and good luck with your 3 hour test.



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