Glucose Screening Tolerance Tests Gestational Diabetes

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K - November 8

Has anyone failed the one hour glucose screening test with a level of 170 (or higher) and then passed the 3 hour glucose tolerance test? I just found out I failed the initial test, and I am scared.


Tess - November 8

Yes, I failed my 1hr glucose test and got 168 for my normal is 70-130. Then I took my 3hr glucose and pa__sed. So, dont worry too much.......How far along are you? I took my 3 hr when I was on my end of 10 wks. My family doesnt have any history of diabetes but bcoz I was overweight they had to test me early to make sure. Dr. said I have to do it again when Im 25 wks preggo. Goodluck to you!


K - November 8

Thanks Tess. It makes me feel better to know your result was really close to mine and everything is okay. I'm 23 weeks today and I had the test last Thursday. My family doesn't have any history either, but I'm in my 30s. I'm not looking forward to the 3 hour, because I'm not good with needles and they also always have a really hard time finding my veins. Sorry you are going to have to do it again.


Tiffany - November 8

I go take my 1 hour one tomorrow. Im not to excited about it. The Dr. said that i dont have to fast. Do you have to for the 3 hour?


K - November 8

Yes. You have to fast for 12 hours before the 3 hour. I've heard that combined with the sugar causes a lot of people to pa__s out during the 3 hour test.


Tess to K - November 8

I wish I had a choice but I dont. Oh wellz....So K, do you know your baby's gender yet? Did you find out yet or is it a suprised?


K - November 8

We're having a girl! Are you going to find out? Do you know when your ultrasound will be?


To tiffany - November 9

I would suggest not eating or drinking anything the morning of your test. The reason I say this is because I did and failed the 1 hr by 4 points! The 3 hour test is not fun although I pa__sed. I have heard that this happens to a lot of women (I posted a thread on the 3rd trimester board to see how common it is) and we pretty much all wished we had not had juice or cereal that morning....just a suggestion...



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