Glucose Test Later Today Please Help

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Jen - July 21

I have a glucose test in like 4 hours. My Doctor didn't say to fast he just said no candy or anything like that. Can I eat a chicken br___t or something? Or will it effect the results? Also I ate a bunch of cookies I doomed ?


Cyndi - July 21

to be safe, i just wouldn't eat. well i guess it depends on how long until the test. if it's way later, then snack on something that is wayy low on sugars and such. dont eat candy, drink soda, or ANYTHING with sugar in it. they say you can eat, but ive heard stories where eating a little sugar made the test results be wrong and then you'd have to get the 3-hour test. i'd hate to do that. ;x


~E~ - July 21

If this is your first one, you can eat. If it is high, I think they have you take another one and they ask you to come fasting for that one. I wouldn't eat sugary stuff until the test, but a chicken b___st should be fine.'s not that bad!


Heidi - July 21

Eat what you want but don't drink sugared pop or a bunch of sugary candy before you go. I ate normally and just sort of watched the sugar and no pop and I failed my test. I had to go back for the three hour test where you have to fast. It sucked cus they draw blood from you four times in three hours and collect urine samples every hour and it's sooo boring. I was half starved but I pa__sed all four so don't get freaked if they call and say you have to do the fasting test. I freaked and it was all fine. I had four women tell me they all failed the first one but pa__sed the second. So don't worry about it.


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - July 21

You can eat, just not cookies, candy, or anything along those lines. Also stay away from soda and juice. The cookies you ate yesterday have already been digested, so no worries. :o)


Jen - July 21

Thanks for the answers! I know it's not that bad but I had to take the 3 hour test 9 years ago and it was horrible. I remember almost throwing up every time they made me drink that nasty stuff. Im just trying to avoid that ya know ?


Heidi - July 21

I only had to drink it once for the three hour one. It was like super sugary compared to the first test I took. I just wanted to gag. I picked the punch flavored one instead of the orange like before and I wanted to gag after about an hour. And they make you drink it like NOW. I was just sitting there sort of sipping it and she's like, oh you have to sort of hurry. Yuck!!!! I felt woozy a couple times like I was gonna faint cus I was probably hungry or overdosing on sugar!!!


D - July 21

I just got back from my Glucose Tolerance Test. It really wasn't a big deal. I ate a normal breakfast, just no orange juice or anything sugary. The syrup they gave me just tasted like 7-up syrup from a pop machine - minus the fizzy water they dilute it with... It wasn't nearly as bad as what people told me it would be! Good luck!


L - July 21

Ok guys i am 19 weeks and my doctor mentioned this test but didnt say when i would get it or what it is....can someone help me out with that?


jan - July 21

I think the glucose test is to check for gestational diabetes, I am going in to have mine on monday, I will be 27 weeks then.


m - July 21

I know it's too late now, but for further reading, I'd definitely recommend NO EATING for at least 4 hours before. I did this and my results came back high. So I had to do the 3 hour. As I was talking to the nurse during the 3 hour (which you have to fast for at least 12 hours for) she said that she doesn't understand why doctors don't instruct patients to not eat before the 1 hour test. The nurse contributes so many women having to do the 3 hour because they don't fast before the one hour.


<s - July 22

does everyone has to take glucose test? or only if they fing suger in urine or u hv gained tonns of weight?


D - July 22

At my doc's office, everyone gets the glucose tolerance test. They want to see how much glucose (sugar) is in your blood stream 1 hour after drinking a known quant_ty of glucose. I guess every office is different! Everyone (doc, NP, other nurses) in my docs office said to eat, but don't eat anything sugary.


Jen - July 22

How was it?


~E~ - July 22

Oops... that was me... I put Jen in the name by accident.


Jen - July 23

It went ok. I had the orange drink this time. Not so bad. I asked the doctor about the cookies and he said they would have no effect. I did eat the chicken b___st sandwich 3 hours before the test cause I was sooo hungry so we will se what happens. I will let you know how it came out when I call tomorrow. Oh by the way I gained 6 POUNDS!!! God I feel like a lard a__s!


Jen - July 26

For anybody wondering....the test came back ok. Chicken sandwich and all. I'm so relieved I don't have to take the 3 hour :o)



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