Go Figure

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FiFi - August 23

looks the regulars are all gone... thats too bad! Now we have to read the posts of new "groupies", just wonder when they are going to be sent away too?


no kidding - August 23

now we get to listen to a bunch of haters! BORING! guess they got what they wanted, the chance to give the ?correct? advice!


Jordan - August 23

were they "sent away" or could they just not take the heat?? Oh, don't worry honey, their here, you just can't see them....like a ghost!!!! This site is their whole pathetic life!!! lol


Corrine - August 23

I think it will be fine as long as we still have the Grandpa Viv types.


FiFi - August 23

maybe they are still here... good, I'd miss them if they weren't! their pathetic life, and yours and mine!


no kidding - August 23

let me understand, to accept the advice and wisdom is okay, but to accept the advice of E isn't? Maybe she should've posted as a geriatric?


no kidding - August 23

I forgot to add Grandpa Viv in there....


Jordan - August 23

I don't get on this site and stay all day long like they do....I might check on late in the afternono and see what's going on....I never ask a question...I just look at everyone elses questions. I know these people aren't experts though some people would portray them as such....my life's not pathetic. I'm loaded!!!!


Dont think so - August 23

when was the last time Grandpa Viv posted on this forum? months ago? he posts in Teen forum mostly. why? because they are gullible, and he can away with his garble there. This forum , I'd like to think is a little bit more smarter than that!


to Jordan - August 23

your not pathetic like the rest of us? then I guess you need not respond or give us your opinion! get a life if your loaded! go for decaf latte's and have facials, and drive around in your brand new lamborghini. pleaser, dont stay around here and be pathetic! heaven forbide!


to amb - August 23

I totally agree with you, I actualy said the exact same in another thread, and was yelled at. But apparently you can't say anything without getting yelled at which is unfortunate.


minx - August 23

Wow. This forum has more drama than the afternoon soap operas hehehe



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