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Missa - August 21

I am doing well. Any my little one thus far is doing well. I have another apt on the 1st & the 11th. I will be going quit often due to the circ_mstance. Less stress a much better life. But there are still health issues that I have to deal with. Hypoglycemia and pregnancy should be fun. I just wish I could shoute out to the world. Hey i am Pregnant. But I will not do that till after I have moved away. I am so very excitted. So far no morning sickness. Yeah! Fatigue and light headedness a definate already. LOL and my chest is still nice and swolen. They never went down from the past circ_mstance, my back is gonna end up giving way. LOL!


Evy - August 21

Missa, that is awesome! I am so happy you are doing well....So, how far along are you? Any chance you can move away sooner than later?


Missa - August 22

This Friday I ill be 4 weeks. On Thursday i get to keep an actuall ultra sound. I am so so excitted. I have been having some bad back pain today, a little concerning seeing as that has not happened before, and the nightmares keep me up most the night. But I am cat napping and i have dead locks on both my doors. I have not heard from the SOB since I was let out and I am very happy about that. I do not like lying about this and not telling anyone but I feel that till I move it is in my best interest to do so. I wish I could move sooner, I honestly do but I have an abligation to my work, and they have been very good to me about my attendance, i owe them time and can not leave till the end of they year when all the time i have taken has been considered earned. I can not wait till i can see my sweeties herat beat. I can not wait to see all the wonderful new developments as they come. I am trying not to get my hopes up too hight till after y 12th wek, when I know that I am in the clear for themost part. But this is a wonderful gift, life, I am just so very happy!


Missa - August 22

Is it overly peranoid to call dr to make an extra apt. I was not supposed to have an apt on the Thursday coming up, but because of my back pains today, I called anf got scheduled in. LOL! I am gonna be a peranoid Mommy aren't I?


Missa - August 25

Everything is going well! THe SOB called the other day. I changed my phone numbers. I am gonna scan my picture in and b__w it up and hang it in my bedroom. LOL!


Evy - August 25

Missa that is great! I am sorry you don't have more support around you but it seems like you are a strong woman!


Lizzi - August 26

I dont mean to pry, but is there another thread before this one, cos i got totally lost when i read it! Congrats on things going so well!


Missa - August 26

Not prying at all. There is a thread bfore this. It was "Need to Vent". THis year has been an extreamly hard year for me and a lot of dramatic things have happened to me. And this pregnancy is a bit of a miracle if you will.


Missa - August 26

Thank you! My only regret is not finding this sight sooner. I went through alot by myself and tried doing the right thing by giving the father a second chance. This time he does not know and he will not find out. I am happy and my baby is healthy and right now that is all that counts to me. I have learned that you do not need a man inyour lofe to be happy, but to me having children is a blessing and a wonderful part of life that I am privaledged to have. There isnot a day that goes by that I do not thank the lord for what he has given me.


Missa - August 30

Hello all! Just wanted to let everyone know I am doing fine. My back kills, lol and My hips hurt and I want to throw up at the smell of popcorn and the smell of old people and liquir. I started packing up things I do not need getting ready for the move. Even then it is a few months away I just feel safer knowing things will be ready when I leave. I heard about the websight on yahoo. And I am very very excitted. My Yahoo screan name is [email protected] Evy I miss talking to you. Hope to hear from you all soon. xoxoxoxox


Evy - August 30

Missa, I always check out your thread to see how you are doing. Glad to see that you have moved to the lovely effects of the first trimester...lol. Have you been told a due date yet?


Missa - September 5

Estimated date is April 21. It seems so far away, but it also seemslike each week is flying by so quickly. My friends are starting to question things. I am trying to make it seam like I am not, untill I move. So I am still going out on the weekends, I just dont' drink and offer to be the dd for the night. One of them has noticed this the last couple of times. I do not like fibbing, but I can't say anything for fear it migh get out before I move.



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