Going Back To Work What About Daycare

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l - August 16

who is putting there baby in daycare? I am planning to, but it seems sooo expensive! just wanted to get everyones thought on this


Katharine - August 17

Yes, it is really expensive. You should look at how much you make and how much it will cost for day care and what is financially most reasonable. My advice, though, is to get on wait lists as soon as you find out you are pregnant, or as soon as possible. I know that here, there is at least a year wait list for the centers where I would consider sending my kid. Actually, if a place told me they had a spot open "right now", i was really suspicious, since all the other places had a year wait list. We are really happy with my older daughter's school, but it is about $800/mo for an infant and $600/mo for preschooler. The wait list to geta sibling in is currently about a year and for a new baby is at least 18 months. The daycare is a great place and the people there are really like extended family (we are friends with other families and teachers outside of school). Also, it is just across the street from my office, so I am able to nurse during the day and spend more time with my kids than I would if they were at other schools. Hope at least some of this info is useful!


Julie - August 17

I was planning on going back to work after my first son was born because I just couldn't imagine not working and we needed the money. After researching daycare centers the best one I could find was $800.00 a month for one child. I also had to provide the formula, diapers, etc. Pack the bag every morning get him there by 7 in order to make it to work by 8. Still buy fancy work clothes, pay for lunches, gas, etc. It was better for me to stay at home because after all the work expenses I was hardly making anything. Plus I would have missed alot of work because kids in daycare get sick more often and you can't take them to daycare sick. My husband and I then evaluted our financial situation and decided to make some cuts in our budget and it worked out great. Since then I have finished my degree and my husband is making more money and we have another on the way. It was the best decision for us and I got to be the one to raise my baby.



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