Going Numb

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Holli - April 24

This is kind of a weird question but my hands and legs and other body parts seem to go numb or "asleep" really fast. Does anyone know what this means or did anyone have anything like this?


Min - April 24

I'd like know what causes this too, because I've had the same problem. I keep waking up in the middle of the night with pins and needles in my hands. Why is that?


teresa - April 24

yea i go numb alot too.. my feet, hands, legs, b___t and arms. Its weird!! when I bend over and brush my teeth my legs and feet go numb and Im not even bent over no time at all.. I always heard it meant the baby was laying on the nerves, but im not sure.. im 21 weeks


April - April 24

maybe it has something to do with circulation? or the baby could be on some nerves.. the only numbness i've felt is when the baby pushes out really hard on my stomach and that part goes numb (i think that's where she's pushing on some nerves)


kris - April 26

I had numbness in my leg. Doc said it was the baby pressing or my pelvic bone on a nerve in my back. My guess was it was the pelvic bones as it took about 6 months after giving birth for me to get that feeling back in my leg.


nhb - April 26

I'm only 11 weeks tomorrow, and I have this problem w/ this pregnancy, where my hands, feet, even arms/legs, shoulders . . . random stuff gets that "asleep" tingly feeling too. I don't know what causes it, but my doc isn't worried about it . . .


Sam - April 26

Oh yeah. My legs fall asleep at night. I'll lay on my left side, my left hip and leg will fall asleep, then I'll turn to my right side and the same thing will happen. I wake up feeling like the princess and the pea. Bruised. So this is my not so medical take on the reason for this: Pregnant women gain 50% more blood during their pregnancies, right? Ok. So our blood vessels, veins, and arteries have to expand to compensate for all that extra volume. So, it goes to logic, that larger veins get squashed more easily. Thus the numbness. I dont know. I have done some thinking about this subject and this is what I came up with....



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