Going To School After Baby Is Born

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m - November 1

Hi! I am planning to continue going to school after my baby is born. She is due in the beginning of december, and I will be going back in february. I dont think I'll need to put ther in daycare-because 1. she' may still be too young 2. I'll preregister to work my schedule around dh's. Has anyone else gone back this soon? I'm worried about studying with her too! Any insight would be apprieciated!


:o) - November 1

I think you will be fine. I have a friend that went back to school and work after she gave birth to her second baby (her first child was only 2 at the time) So she had two very small children and balanced school and work-not to mention she was a single mother! I believe we can do anything if we really want to and if what you want is to go back to school, then I do not think you will have a hard time doing it and taking care of your baby! And if you decide to put your her in daycare they start taking babies at 6 wks. old.


Alma - November 3

I went back to school 4 weeks after giving birth and back to work 6 weeks after giving birth. It was very tough to say the least and it still is!! I work full time, go to school full time and have homework. Oh yeah...and I have a house and husband to take care of. How I do it all? With the help of my hubby and especially my mother. There are days when I want to just give up on everything and just stay home with my sweet little boy, but I know that everything I'm doing is for his benefit. He gives me the energy I need to get through my day. If you have the same state of mind you'll get through it all. Remember that everything you're doing is for your family's well being. In the end it will all be worth it! Good luck!


~m~ - November 3

If your dh is good about helping, I think you'll be just fine! When I went for my bachelor's, I had a toddler. My hubby was a huge help, and I graduated with honors. Now, I am working on my Master's. I have a 7 year old, a 2 year old, and one on the way.... plus I'm a teacher. So it can be done. It's the "woman power"!! :o) A strong support system can be your lifeline! Best of luck to you!!


Beth S - November 3

it all depends on how comfortable you are leaving the baby and your support system. my sis in law was living with us, had a baby and the day she got out of the hospital i took the baby home with me and she went to school. she is now almost done all of her schooling and its a year and 1/2 later


amb - November 3

i also go to school and i have a 6 yearold and one on the way. but i do as many online cla__ses as I can. its sooo much easier!!!


~m~ - November 3

amb brings up a great point! I took as many online cla__ses as I could, and now I'm doing one independent study. Anything that allows you to work from home makes life easier. You'll find that professors can surprise you with their flexibility! :o)



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