Going To The Movies

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maude - November 23

can it hurt your unborn child if you go see a movie at the theater. Can it damage thier ears, or make the unborn child deaf?


crh - November 23



Shelly - November 23

I went to the movies and everything went great.My baby is now 16 weeks old and doing great!!!!-Do have to say that loud noises can startle a baby in the womb,so it may depend on the kind of movie you are going to watch.


Come on! - November 23

You have to be joking with this question? Of course it can't hurt them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


kr - November 26

My doc said I could even go to concerts. I was just supposed to avoid mosh pits, the speakers, smoke and illicit drugs


Anon - November 29

I'm sorry, this is a silly question. Do you plan on living in a padded room for your pregnancy, so as to not hurt your baby in any way?


jules - November 29

Go all you want now before the baby comes! I hate when people bring infants into movies with them, it is so rude! I went to the movies this weekend and I had a crying baby on one side of me and a man who talked on his cell phone through the whole movie on the other side. How rude!!! It wouldn't be so bad if the parent took the child out of the theatre as soon as soon as it started crying, but most parents just sit there and let their kid ruin the movie for everyone else. Sheesh! Get a babysitter!!! .......OK, I am done with my rant! =)


Lissi - November 29

No. Just enjoy going, while you still can! :)


Tess - December 1

No, just enjoy while you can. GoodLuck!


momma - December 2

jules, it's not always that easy to get a babysitter. I have taken my infant to 2 movies...she slept through both. Leave your bratty toddlers and adolescents home - they're the ones who shout and scream and roughhouse during movies.


to momma - December 2

jeesh, where do you go to the movie at woman???? shouting, screaming, and roughhousing?????? my lord crazy woman, is this movie theater in hell? my guess is your overdramatic. dont forget your infant will soon be a toddler, then an adolescent. i guess that means she will be the one screaming and yelling at this psycho movie house you go to.



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