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angel122 - January 30

My husband and I are trying to conceive. What are some things that my husband needs to do to increase his sperm count? i have heard that he should wear boxers? is this true? also what are some other things he needs to do? What can I do to increase my chances? or what do i need to be taking (vitamin wise) to get ready for pregnancy? tahnks so much! - January 30

i'm not sure what your husband could be doing...although i think i heard something about boxers, but i'm not sure. you can start taking pre natal vitamins. make an appt. with your obgyn and let him/her know that you're trying to conceive and have vitamins perscribed to you, and also ask what your husband can do. also, i reccomend buying an ovulation test. that way you have a better idea of when you're ovulating! it worked for me!


stephva - January 30

the reason for wearing boxers is to have better air flow to the area...briefs tend to hold in heat & the heat can cause a decrease in sperm production & also cause deformaties in the's also wise for him to stay away from hot tubs (including hot bath water),sauna's etc for the same reason. there are specific vitamins that he could take to help increase fertility, but if you have no fertility issues (that you are aware of) then just a good multi-vitamin should be sufficient there. He should also watch his caffiene intake (if he is a big caffiene drinker) he doesn't necessarily need to cut it out completely, but try to limit it to a soda or 2 a day. You should go ahead & start on a prenatal vitamin which you can buy over the counter at most pharmacies. the most important thing in the vitamin for you is the Folic Acid...very vital in baby's development. And just keep in mind that even if you do use a ovulation kit, there is still only a 25% chance of pregnancy each month even if you bd at the right just relax & take it easy and try not to be upset if it doesn't happen right away...studies show it takes most average fertile couples 8-12 months to conceive...hope that has been helpful & Good Luck!!



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